Blood Moon Rises (nuvox)

Blood Moon Rises is a collaboration between Glasgow/Hamburg based experimental sound and building designer Asa aka /ˈeɪsər/ who created the musical soundtrack and lyricist/vocalist Lou Loudhailer aka /lu laʊdˈheɪlər/. The wide panned rhythmic heartbeat of the track is taken from Asa’s recording when he accidentally left the microphone recording throughout the night while he was sleeping in the room. A strange ghostly voice appeared on his original eight hour long recording …

[/blʌd/ /muːn/ /raɪz:iz/]

[/ɪnˈstrʌkʃnz/ /ˈhedfəʊnz/ /(ə)n/ /dɑːrk/ /ruːm/]

Music: [/ˈeɪsər/]

Voice: [/lu laʊdˈheɪlər/]

Vision: [/ef:wai/ /nuːlænd:ɜː(r)/ /ˈziːlənd: ɜː(r)/]

“A luminous and intriguing piece at every level” MF


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