Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon release their debut album Seeing Stars on the DHM Record Label on September 7th 2018. Catalogue Number DHM015. Available as download from all major digital outlets, and on CD from Bandcamp and selected stores.

From the start Strawberry Moon had that special quality of being more than the sum of its individual parts, its well-crafted songs, funky rhythms, strong harmonies and varied instrumentation blending effortlessly together. Stylistic variation is a hallmark of their sound, combining elements of blues, folk, rock, world and traditional music to produce something unique.

Jeff was a member of Hull punk pioneers Dead Fingers Talk, who recorded a critically acclaimed album produced by Mick Ronson. He has played continuously in bands based in London, Harlow and Hull and his work is influential and highly respected. As a music lecturer, Jeff has steered many of Hull’s current musicians into the industry.

Kelvin was involved in the influential music scene in Southend in the Seventies and has a wide experience of playing drums ever since in a number of bands of various genres for live performances, radio and recording. Jeff and Kelvin have worked together for twenty six years.

Dez was a founder member of influential psychedelic folk band Forest, has since worked with a wide range of musicians in the folk, acoustic and roots scenes and is sought after as a collaborator for both live and studio performances.

Cathy has been singing with Dez for the past eighteen years on the radio, on recordings and at festivals and gigs. An accomplished harmony singer, increasingly Cathy’s voice moves towards centre stage.

Strawberry Moon’s repertoire has an undeniable feel good factor, frequently leaving audiences basking in a warm glow!

Cathy Allenby – vocals, cabasa, shaker, egg shaker, finger cymbals, guiro, tambourine
Dez Allenby – bouzouki, concertina, harmonicas, kalimbas, shruti box, whistles, vocals
Kelvin Baldwin – cajon, percussion, vocals
Jeff Parsons – vocals, guitars, bass, bouzouki, jaw’s harp

Songs written by Jeff Parsons

Produced by Strawberry Moon at Sun House 31 Studio

Mastered by John Spence at Fairview Studio

Original artwork by Rich Walker

Strawberry Moon:
Dez Allenby:

Released on the DHM Record Label Catalogue number DHM015

© 2018 Strawberry Moon all rights reserved

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