4ourth 4loor


Lou is vocalist on Andrew Tomlinson’s indietronica project, 4ourth4loor. 

Second studio album Past Lives released on the DHM record label 31st October 2017 catalogue number DHM012. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major digital outlets, and from selected stores.

First Album ‘Songs from the Fourth Floor’ was launched at PoP Art Space, Princes Quay 4th July 2014.

Welcome to the 4ourth4loor, a place of ghosts and memories, turmoil, distraction, love and loss, sublime highs and deathly lows. Enjoy your stay….

Listen to a track from Past Lives – Stale Champagne

Listen to a track from Songs from the Fourth Floor – Moment of Clarity

4ourth4loor poster photo by Music Industry Yorkshire Award winning photographer Richard Duffy-Howard

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“Fresh and totally contemporary electronic dance music. The album flows from hard-edged dance to an ethereal chill out close.  Get in the car, turn it up loud, and head off to the coast. Take a trip through a journey of uplifting songs but look out for the ghosts of love, loss and threads of the supernatural. Total blow you away stuff.”  Red Herring June 2014

Journalist Phil Ascough on BBC Radio: “It sounds amazing – really modern electronic dance style with loads of remix potential” June 2014

Songwriter Graham Brady: “I was ready to think it would be good but I actually think it is fantastic.  I played it through about three or four times it’s got some real positive energy, the same energy pet shop boys had…” June 2014
Media producer Darren Edwards: “It’s got big commercial potential…” May 2014
Red Guitar Hallam Lewis  “Love it – very vibey, and catchy too! It’s great.” June 2014