The Sonic Architect’s Celebration

We had a brilliant time at our Sonic Architect’s Celebration, down at Admiral Bunting’s space port on Friday night. O’Rileys was rockin’ all night. This is from our set, As My Sun, captured by our good friend Brett Hambling.

Next up we’ll be there again on July 8th with our friends Sleeperman and Tom Kay also on the bill. Set to be a great night, some and join us if you’re anywhere near here, Hull UK. Info and tickets at the link:

Here is Brett’s ace drawing of us on the night:

Loudhailer Electric Company by Brett Hambling

The Leconauts: Sonic Architect Jeff Parsons, Thunder Conjurer Bombardier Dave Burnby, Astral Bard Richard Duffy-Howard and Captain Lou Loudhailer 😎🎶🎸🚀


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