Rockin’ the Pea, the Withfest 3 and Jackson D

What a weekend! Work In Progress played three top gigs. Cowboy DC and Dexter at the Jaz Bar, highlights included original songs Storm, The Drinking Song and a brand new rendition of Country Roads. Next up they became the WIP Three with the addition of Kelvin to wake up Withernsea with a storming set amongst … Continue reading Rockin’ the Pea, the Withfest 3 and Jackson D

Hull Folk Festival WIP

Hull Folk and Maritime Festival 2018 - Sunday's headliners on the Syntan barge main stage Work in Progress played a fine Americana set of feel good original and favourite bluegrass/country songs. Work in Progress: Cowboy DC guitar and vocals, Kelvin Richmond mandolin, Lewis Woods bass guitar, Sophie Rose Richmond vocals, Dexter Duffy-Howard fiddle. The gallery … Continue reading Hull Folk Festival WIP

Open Bridges Summer Solstice ‘Moments in Time’ Live Performance

Friends, would you like to come to the special summer solstice live performance of the Open Bridges music? It’s a quadraphonic 20 minute performance of the musique concrete soundtrack by the composer John Stead to accompany the film at Beverley Treasure House and Art Gallery, East Yorkshire, Thursday, 21 June, at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start. It will be over before 8pm. It’s an informal occasion, to gather and enjoy the music in the gallery space – and a chance to hear the musique concrete which accompanies the beautiful Open Bridges film, very different and atmospheric. Free entry, but it would be helpful if you’d let us know if you’d like to come.

More info about what to expect here:

Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard

Open Bridges

There will be a live quadraphonic performance of the Open Bridges music – ‘Moments in Time’ – by the composer John Stead to accompany the Open Bridges film at Beverley Treasure House and Art Gallery, East Riding of Yorkshire, on Thursday, 21 June, at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start. The event will be finished by 8 o’clock and is free of charge. It is an informal occasion, just to gather and enjoy the music in the gallery space.

BAFTA winning composer John Stead will diffuse the especially commissioned musique concrete work – recorded using natural sounds to form a montage – to accompany the film, which has been showing in Beverley Art Gallery this month. John recorded and included sounds from the River Hull’s journey from Beverley to Hull, including the sounds of the bridges moving.

Open Bridges copyright Richard Duffy-Howard Composer John Stead recording North Bridge for Open Bridges photograph by Richard Duffy-Howard

Best known…

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Kalandra and Robert Sharp

We had a terrific visit to the first day of the Holmfirth Festival of Folk, especially to see Robert Sharp's first gig with the band - Christine Avis on cello, vocalist Georgina Hardcastle, Jonas Lapinas on electric guitar and Corey Clough-Howard on bass. The band treated us to a superb set of album tracks and … Continue reading Kalandra and Robert Sharp

Filey Folk Fest 2018

Three terrific Work in Progress shows in 16 hours at Filey Folk Festival 2018. Here's a clip of Wagon Wheel: Friday night at The Station, Work in Progress, Dogfinger Steve and Derek Waudby Work in Progress in black & white at The Imperial Great weekend all round Photos by Richard Duffy-Howard Visit Work in Progress … Continue reading Filey Folk Fest 2018

One N or Two?

It’s auricula flowers galore in the garden this week. Have a look at our latest Auricula Suite posts here

The Auricula Suite

At the top, Primula auricula Winnifred, gold centred alpine on the left and border auricula Winifred on the right. That’s the difference between one N and two. Both in flower today, both beautiful.

The Auricula Suite: It all started because we are musicians with a garden full of Primula auricula flowers.

The Auricula Suite an album of songs tells a re-imagined story of a historical journey to a new land. Inspired by folk tales of the alpine flower – the Primula auricula – and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees, it is a tale of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning. Listen to My Ancestors were French here…

Visit the home page The Auricula Suite

Auricula photographs © Richard Duffy-Howard

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Loudhailer Home Page

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