DHM – Record Label

DHM is an independent record label. Our passion is for emotive feel good music whatever the genre, and we love to work in collaboration with enterprising artists with energy and drive.

New releases for 2018 – next up something that has already got some interesting press:

“Inventive and effectively atmospheric – and invigorating truly original sound.” Music Week

“Deserves to be enjoyed by a much bigger audience. Serious, demanding and danceable all at the same time.” The Independent

“Snaking pop bass lines, twisted vocals, odd un-western rhythms and fragments of African style guitar.” NME

“Often waywardly dense sense of rhythm and some wonderfully snaking guitar lines. They make a shiveringly good noise.” Sounds

“A kind of Afro meets Devo cocktail. Truly original sound wise, they had a few things to offer visually too – out of this world! … Not a million light years away from the early spaced out Roxy Music.” Record Mirror

“Quickly becomes compelling, even if you try and resist it, as though it taps into some primal arterial route straight to the brain.” Hi Fi Review

“Worth taking time over …there’s back biting comment on modern society, misrepresentation and apartheid to name a few…anyone with a half open mind should take time out to listen to them.” What Hi Fi

Sound commercial potential without any of the usual crass drawbacks.” Underground Magazine

DHM Record Label

We are based near Hull, UK and managed by Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard who have 30 years experience of working in the music industry on both independent self-managed and major labels.

DHM distribution partner is Label Worx, the leading provider of services to independent record labels worldwide who provide bespoke distribution packages to get our releases online, at the right time to a wide range of stores.

DHM benefits from our background of providing music services, festival and event management, communications, marketing & PR, and independent music advice for both existing and emerging artists.

Buy releases and merchandise at all all major digital sales outlets, selected record shops.

DHM Releases – click on album cover for details of release:

The Planet Wilson

Not Drowning But Waving

The Planet Wilson

In The Best Of All Possible Worlds

4ourth 4loor

Past Lives

Dez Allenby

We Sail Our Castles

The Auricula Suite

Loudhailer Electric Company


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