Culture Train

It was all aboard the Culture Train last weekend, three fifths of Loudhailer Electric Company had a trip out with a great bunch of musical friends. Thanks to Quiet Riot’s Chris Warkup for inviting us to join the gang – Sam Bishop, Elizabeth Pickering, Mark Rowland, Ollie Smith and his Black Buck Mike Jackson and Dogfinger Steve on the sound. So we set off to Nafferton, courtesy of Northern Rail armed with guitars and the shaky egg to the Blue Bell at Nafferton where Dogfinger was was waiting at the desk. Fab sets all round to a good crowd and lots of fun. Cheers Chris for getting it all together, and  to Steve for a great sound all night.

Chris took this of me and Rich on the way homeRich and Lou on the Culture Train

culture train

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Nature’s jewels in the News

Loudhailer Psychedelia at it’s most flowery!

There’s a lovely colourful feature about  specialist auricula growers and Chelsea Gold Medallists Robin and Annabel Graham of Drointon Nurseries near Ripon in the Northern Echo Magazine. You can read it below including Annabel’s top tips for growing auriculas and a piece about their lovely new cultivar Primula auricula Loudhailer.
Northern Echo - Living magazine p1

Northern Echo - Living magazine p2

Discover The Auricula Suite

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Primula auricula Loudhailer

Something really unexpected has happened and we are over the moon! It all started because we are musicians with a garden full of Primula auricula flowers.  We are totally chuffed to find out that we have had a beautiful new flower named in our honour by specialist auricula growers Robin and Annabel Graham of Drointon Nurseries near Ripon.

Here it is, Primula auricula Loudhailer, a brand new cultivar of the popular alpine border flower with lovely yellow petals, a pink blush and the most beautiful delicate scent. Click on one of Rich’s photos to see the full flower and scroll through…

It’s called Loudhailer after our music name – Rich and I perform as ‘Loudhailer’ – we host Loudhailer Acoustic nights and our full psychedelic electric band Loudhailer Electric Company has just released our debut studio album, Cursus.

After growing Primula auriculas and investigating the social history behind the flowers we wrote The Auricula Suite – a set of songs telling a re-imagined story of a historical journey to a new land. Inspired by folk tales of the alpine flower and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees, it is a tale of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning.

Auricula headerWe worked with Robin and Annabel Graham of Drointon Nurseries to present a number of concerts with Primula auricula shows and launched the songs with a concert and flower show at the National Trust’s Calke Abbey, site of the oldest auricula theatre – a traditional way of displaying the flowers – in England.

Chelsea Gold Medallists Robin and Annabel Graham of Drointon Nurseries have been growing Primula auriculas at their Ripon nursery for over 20 years and hold the national collection of border auriculas.

Robin explains

“A few years ago we germinated about 3,000 seedlings from seed collected from our National Collection® of Border auriculas. From these we selected 8 plants that we think show promise. The rest have been sent to the compost heap! So far, we have named 4 of them and ‘Loudhailer’ is the next in the series.

If you breed a new cultivar that offers something different visually you need to make sure that it has a good constitution before releasing it. So, in the case of a Border auricula, this involves planting them outside for a couple of years and checking that it is robust enough.

We have had the pleasure of working with Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard at several gigs of ‘The Auricula Suite’ over the years and so with the recent launch of their album their band name ‘Loudhailer’ was an obvious choice.”

Previously named flowers include ‘Alice’ after Alice through the Looking Glass, ‘Brunhilde’ from Wagner’s  Ring Cycle, and ‘Charlotte’ released at Malvern soon after the birth of Princess Charlotte. As is usual with a new cultivar, stocks of Primula auricula Loudhailer are limited this year and will be plentifully available from Drointon Nurseries in years to come.

It’s just amazing how this wonderful flower continues to bring people together. Having a new cultivar from Robin and Annabel named after the band is a true honour, the colour, scent and everything about it is perfect.

So, we are absolutely surprised and thrilled. Here’s a big thank you to Robin and Annabel at Drointon Nurseries. You can read the press feature here HDM feature by Hannah Robinson

The songs on our Loudhailer Electric Company album, Cursus, tell a collection of stories, some featuring spoken word poetry and many of them influenced by the East Yorkshire countryside. The album title – Cursus – refers to stories of life along the Neolithic courses which lead to the tallest standing stone in the UK, at Rudston in East Yorkshire. Inspiration for our songs include legends about the Gypsey Race stream which runs through the Wolds, the bleak North Sea – and in the final song we take you on a trip a little further out west – to Lake Windermere.

The Auricula Suite album and Cursus are available from all digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and limited edition CDs are available from the band’s website – search The Auricula Suite or Loudhailer Electric Company

Web links

The Auricula Suite

Drointon Nurseries

Loudhailer Electric Company

Nick Harper Loudhailer Headliner

Huge thanks to the superb Nick Harper for playing one of only a handful of solo shows this year as our Filey Folk Festival Loudhailer Seaside Special headliner. Nick played an absolute stormer to a full house, a blinding set, full of amazing guitar playing, unbelievable soaring vocals and incredible entertaining stories. We loved Riven’s Love is Due and Nick’s premiere live performance of Plague of Toads from the dark side of Riven was heavy and monumental. The whole set was a couple of hours worth of totally engaging music and tales and to top it all off Nick treated us to a request for Peace Love and Happiness which he’s not played live for over ten years. It was perfect and a great reflection of the vibe throughout the evening, which Rich was so pleased he managed to capture in these lovely photos in the gallery. Click on an image and scroll along…

We were made up that Nick asked us to open the show for him and we thoroughly enjoyed our Loudhailer Electric Company trip to the seaside. We played a selection of songs from our new album, Cursus and had a great night all round. Thanks to Mike O’Connor for taking this shot of the band…

leco rich and lou
Loudhailer Electric Company

Thanks to Africa Studios  especially Megan for the lights and making everything connect electrically. Thanks to John Colling and everyone at the Masonic Hall for being brilliant and making us all so welcome.

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The Story of the Gypsey Race

There’s a track on our Loudhailer Electric Company studio album called Gypsey Race. In fact, the line from that song: “All roads lead to… the stone at the bend on the Gypsey Race…” is the reason we chose the title of the album, Cursus. And the map below is on the inner sleeve.

So, what’s it all about?

Loudhailer Electric Company Cursus db page3It started when we went walking in the Yorkshire Wolds with my old Red Guitars band buddy John Rowley. John has always been a fantastic story teller and back in the day kept the band thoroughly entertained during many tedious hours of driving between gigs on various Autobahns and autoroutes throughout Europe. Last spring Rich and Dexter and I joined him and a gang of friends on one of his archeology walks – a rollicking good romp through a few hundred thousand years of prehistory. We followed the course of the winterbourne chalk stream – the Gypsey Race – which flows down through the Wolds and east out to sea at Bridlington. On the bend, just where the stream turns east is one of the most important prehistoric sites, the tallest standing stone in the UK – the Rudston monolith. It’s no accident that the stone is situated there as it was once one of the most important places in prehistoric England. Like at Stonehenge there are courses – or cursus – huge miles long structures which lead from all around the surrounding countryside in straight lines to the stones. Just like Avebury on the Kennett where the stream turns east, a corner to meet, and a major neolithic route – the Ridgeway brought traffic and new things as did the cursus and the pathway on the ridge atop the Wolds to Rudston. Prehistorically the Gypsey Race was also used to create fish farms just south east of the stone. A source of fresh water, food and life. Unfortunately unlike Stonehenge and Avebury the land around Rudston has been ploughed intensively over the years and it’s importance cannot be so obviously seen on the ground anymore, but it can’t be under-estimated either.

So, there it is, the Gypsey Race. There are more recent legends and superstitions surrounding the stream, and according to folklore, when the Gypsey Race is flowing in flood the woe waters forebear bad fortune. This happened in the year before the great plague of 1664, before the two world wars and the bad winters of 1947 and 1962. Well, it was in full flow when we were there last spring, and look what’s happened in the world since then…

Anyway, by the time we were heading home the song was pretty much written in my head. I joined up the prehistoric imagery of John’s stories to a much later tale – that of a Roman soldier marching down towards the monolith, along the Roman road on the map. I had a particular soldier in mind – he features in WH Auden’s Roman Wall Blues, brought to life by the sensational Alex Harvey. It first blew me away when I heard it played by Sideway Look who gigged with us – the Red Guitars – back then. That soldier, he’s absolutely sick to death of life on the wall. I’d heard from John Spence at Fairview Studio that the Alex Harvey track was actually mixed at Fairview Studio by Roy Neave – who recorded our Red Guitars album, Slow to Fade so that was a good twist in the tale.
leco cursus
We recorded our Loudhailer Electric Company album, Cursus with John Spence at Fairview Studio last summer, and had a great time there. There are some fab highlights, Rich’s Roman Soldier vocals, Jeff’s Ebow guitar, Chris’s pizzicato violin and that snare before the solo – let’s go!
There’s a soldier on the wall before the mid-winter sun
Gazing over the heather at the end of the day
If there’s fire in the sky he’ll be ready to march
He’s sick to death of the wall what does it mean anyway?
Where the river turns east there’s a corner to meet
When night balances day since the beginning of time
There’s shouting and fighting and standing out in the sky
He’s had enough of the wall it’s not a reason to die
When he gets there he’ll see what the future holds
There’s only bad news coming when the waters flow
It’s time for a change gotta find a new face
Come meet at the bend on the Gypsey Race
All roads lead to the stone at the bend on the Gypsey RaceI’m the soldier on the wall
Looking out at the sky
I’ve had enough of it all
It’s not a reason to dieI’m that soldier on the wall at the end of the day
I’m sick to death of it all what does it mean anyway?

All roads lead to the stone at the bend on the Gypsey Race

© 2016 Lou Duffy-Howard
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Loudhailer Electric Company Hull New Adelphi Club

Fabulous night at Hull New Adelphi Club, Loudhailer Electric Company and our buddies Sleeperman on the bill. We had loadsa fun playing to a great crowd.  Thanks to our photographer Paul Newbon who captured the night with great photos as ever.

Loudhailer Electric Company

Thanks to Paul, Mat, Rosie and the Adelphi team, to Chris for the ace lights and and a top sound from Jim, always great to catch up. Here’s a selection of Paul’s photos – Loudhailer Electric Company in colour, click on a photo and scroll on…

Loudhailer Electric Company
Loudhailer Electric Company in Black and White

Loudhailer Electric Company

Our buddies Sleeperman opened the show with a cool set of mysterious spoken word songs.

All photographs copyright Paul Newbon.

Just before you go…have a listen to a clip of our new track, Underneath the Underground, released this week on the Fairview 50th Anniversary CD/DVD. Thanks to Charlotte Pugh for the fab original psychedelic art work.

Loudhailer Electric Company debut studio album, Cursus, released on the DHM record label. Available from all the usual digital outlets and including iTunes and Spotify; limited edition CD from selected stores, Bandcamp and from us.

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Underneath the Underground

We are thrilled to be part of Fairview Studio’s 50th anniversary album, a compilation of brand new exclusive tracks and video interviews recorded by John Spence to celebrate 50 years of amazing music from Fairview Studio in Willerby. It’s such an fantastic line up! Here’s a snippet of our track, Underneath the Underground. Hear the full funky song complete with Jeff and Chris’s guitar & violin battles, Lou and Rich’s get down rhythm track and Richard’s spoken word subculture tale on the Fairview@50 album.

Nothing lost is nothing found…

“Cutting edge, psychedelic folk music of the highest quality.” Alan Raw, with Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

leco circles

Underneath the Underground original artwork by Charlotte Pugh

Underneath the Undergound coming soon + border

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We are chuffed to bits to get this Loudhailer Electric Company album review in the legendary underground psychedelic music magazine, Terrascope.

Terrascope done

Here’s some background to the magazine. You can take a trip to Terrascope Online 

Founded in 1989, Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine is one of the most well respected, widely read, frequently quoted independent music journals in the world. Throughout nearly three dozen issues, the Terrascope championed the finest offerings from the world of folk, freakbeat and psychedelia, to Krautrock, prog, punk, free jazz, electronica – and nearly every genre in between. Published by Nick (‘The Bevis Frond’) Saloman in London, editor Phil McMullen assembled some of the finest artists and critics around from his country retreat in the rural West of England and presented exclusive interviews with pioneers in each of the aforementioned musical styles, as well as discovering many new and upcoming artists along the way. Highlights from past issues include interviews with Captain Beefheart, Spirit, Charlie Watts, XTC, Paul McCartney, Caravan, Robert Wyatt, Country Joe McDonald, Frank Zappa & The Mothers, Jefferson Airplane, The Kinks, Quicksilver Messenger Service, David Ackles, Ian Matthews, Arthur Lee & Love, Vivian Stanshall, Bardo Pond, Man, Neutral Milk Hotel, Guided by Voices, Olivia Tremor Control, Hawkwind, the Ramones, Tiny Tim, the Incredible String Band, Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine, Mick Farren & The Deviants – and many, many more. In essence, almost the entire history of rock and roll from the Sixties to the present day has been discussed, dissected, interpreted, and evaluated within its pages.”

dhm-medleyBig high five to the Terrascope team, editor Phil McMullen, and review team Simon Lewis and Andrew Young for our review:

cursus-available-now-poster“Loudhailer Electric Company  Cursus   Duffy Howard Music or  available on CD Digipak and download.
Hull band Loudhailer Electric Company  are a great festival band with plenty of swirling violins, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass and harmonica. Straight out of the gates we are presented with the sound of a highly competent band that to me sound a bit like a psychedelic  Siouxsie and the Banshees. The band’s songwriter and main vocalist Lou Duffy-Howard had some success  with Red Guitars releasing a few singles and a couple of albums. The album also features some spoken word sections by Rich Duffy-Howard.
Gypsey Race, Aftermath, Hawk Moon and Night Heron are the standout tracks for me, with particular merit going to violinist Chris Heron, who invests these songs with some particularly tasty playing and lead guitarist Jeff Parsons, playing some searing lead guitar lines throughout the proceedings. Terrascope editor Phil McMullen is apparently a big fan of this band.

The album title Cursus, refers to stories of life along the neolithic courses which lead to the tallest standing stone in the UK, at Rudston in East Yorkshire, with the song Gypsey Race about the legendary stream which runs through the wolds and the closer Night Heron about Lake Windermere further out west.” Terrascope March 2017

Cursus is available from all the major digital sales outlets. You can search for us, or click image to visit these…

     bandcamp-10mm    spotify-10mm     itunes-10mm

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Just Like Real Life

Just Like Real Life, from our debut Loudhailer Electric Company studio album, Cursus.

Is it a love song?

Loudhailer Electric Company debut studio album, Cursus, released on the DHM record label. Available from all the usual digital outlets and including iTunes and Spotify; limited edition CD from selected stores, Bandcamp and from us.

Click image to visit sales outlet…

bandcamp-10mm    spotify-10mm     itunes-10mm     loudhailer-web10mm

“Cursus – it’s a fantastic album!” Pete Maher mastering professional for The Rolling Stones, Jack White, Pixies, The 1975, Lana Del Rey…

“Cutting edge, psychedelic folk music of the highest quality.” Alan Raw, with Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

“A compendium of psychedelic sounds which tap into the folk and rock genres, driven by hugely talented and passionate musicians – beautifully poetic – I’m hypnotised.” Nix Chidlow – BROWSE  – Independent Arts Culture.

“…a magic album. What really draws out the juice is driving through the forest at night with the windows down – wind blowing my hair everywhere – playing it LOUD. I am sure the BIG Lizards and Bandicoots, Snakes and Owls think I’m extra-terrestrial as I whizz by. It is a very very rich experience…” Jungle Jim Ward, Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Album of the Year 2016: “Cursus is a wonderful album featuring nine original tracks of psychedelic sounds underpinned with a myriad of references to folk, classic rock and other genres.  The music is highly atmospheric, immersive and hypnotic with the ability to transport the listener to another time and place.” Across The Universal Soundscape

“C’mon, we’re gonna take you on a trip (the opening line of Night Heron) fits the whole album on two levels. Lyrically, the trip is like an open top bus ride around their locality with tour guide Lou giving you the lowdown. Musically, it’s more of a psychedelic trip with folky influences and some stunning playing.” Davey Hammond, Sounds Magazine

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Coming up – Loudhailer Electric Company and Sleeperman at Hull Adelphi

We’ve got an awesome double bill coming up – Loudhailer Electric Company and Sleeperman at Hull New Adelphi Club on Saturday 8th April 2017. We can’t wait to play!

Leco sleeperman

We’re all really looking forward to our gig at The New Adelphi Club. Our buddies Sleeperman will be on stage at 8.45, they are a fantastic new band with a big history. Their fabulous classic guitar sound and mysterious spoken word poem songs are ace and their first EP is making waves. The Loudhailer Electric Company engines are already revving and we’ll be ready to launch into our set at 9.45pm. Come and join us, it’s sure to be a great night.

Doors 8 pm £6. Click on the Lego bands to get tickets, or call Hull Box Office on 01482 221133.


Loudhailer Electric Company – original psychedelic sounds featuring members of seminal cult bands Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars and The Planet Wilson. Debut studio album, Cursus, released on the DHM record label. Available from all the usual digital outlets and including iTunes and Spotify; limited edition CD from selected stores, Bandcamp and from us.

Sleeperman – 4 piece band from the East coast of Yorkshire playing unique original material – somewhere between The Bad Seeds and Ivor Cutler. Sleeperman are making waves with their new EP, listen out for classic guitar sounds and mysterious poem songs – they have a big history too.

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