American Dust

Blueprint_-_The_HU_copy-740x0We are delighted that our song American Dust is featured in the Honest Ulsterman, seminal Northern Ireland literary review magazine. Picking up a copy of The Honest Ulsterman in Hull University Library in the early 1970s, Philip Larkin was said to have gasped in horror, “Good God, do we subscribe to this?” How cool.

Our song features in John F Barber’s most excellent essay about American poet and novelist Richard Brautigan,  ‘And So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away mysteries and a curious accounting of life’.

Rich and I are absolutely delighted to be included in the magazine. Our song is about Richard Brautigan’s ninth novel and is our tribute to him, our favourite writer.

John Barber created and curates The Brautigan Bibliography and Archive – the world’s foremost resource concerning the life and works of Richard Brautigan, and established Radio Nouspace web-based radio station and interactive installation to experiment with sound-based narrative and storytelling.

The Honest Ulsterman is a fascinating seminal Northern Ireland literary magazine established in 1968. So, we are very excited!

You can read the article here: And So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away, mysteries and a curious accounting of life

And click to read about the interesting history of The Honest Ulsterman

Have a listen to our song American Dust:


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American Dust

When I was young the road ahead was so long
The sea was so far and hot was the sand
We played down the junkyard shooting bottles and cans
I walked home slowly with the red red sun

To the place on the corner by the all-night
Look through the window at the funeral pyre
She won’t be running with me no more
We’re Dust…American…Dust

So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away

I guess that tomorrow I’ll be down at the pond
Where the sun on the water make my hair white blond
If the watchman reaches for another beer
I’ll get a penny at the all-night store

The road is long but sun down calls
In the apple orchard shadows fall
I miss the can but Shoot The Man
We’re Dust…American…Dust

So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away

© Duffy-Howard