Loudhailer Electric Company

Loudhailer Electric Company

Loudhailer Electric Company four piece original psychedelic band with a big history on the psychedelic and original indie scene, featuring Lou Duffy-Howard of recently reformed indie chart-toppers Red Guitars, and Jeff Parsons of post-punk guitar band Dead Fingers Talk.

Known for their soaring guitar-based songs  the band are preparing a set of new and live  favourites telling spirited stories  of science fiction, road movies and fairy tales. 

Expect original psychedelic sounds, an eclectic blend of rebel rock from across the ages, with tacit nods to garage punk, psychedelia, Americana and acid folk/rock. Listen up for songs telling stories of road trips, myths & legends and sci fi. The band have three albums released on DHM Record label distributed by Label Worx released on all the usual digital outlets and selected stores.

Watch our live 2022 show reel with clips from four tracks:

The Time Traveller – you may recognise the story…

C’mon, we’re gonna take you on a trip …

“The room rocked from the first track to their encore. If you do nothing else this year, get yourself to another of the Loudhailer Electric Company’s Psychedelic Gatherings and enjoy their sound for yourself.” Browse Mag.

“Loudhailer Electric Company  are a great festival band …straight out of the gates we are presented with the sound of a highly competent band that to me sound a bit like a psychedelic Siouxsie and the Banshees.” Terrascope Magazine.

Loudhailer Electric Company

Loudhailer Electric Company are:

Lou Duffy-Howard – Songwriter and vocalist/bassist Lou had Indie chart topping success with recently reformed influential indie band Red Guitars, best known for No. 1 single Good Technology and Independent album Slow to Fade, before releasing two albums on Virgin Records.

Jeff Parsons – Influenced by The Who and American psychedelic bands, and with a first album produced by the late great Mick Ronson, Jeff’s upside down guitar style sends the Loudhailer Electric Company into orbit.

Richard Duffy-Howard – Poet, former space age trance world dub band spoken wordsmith and acoustic guitarist.

Dave Burnby – The rock that anchors Loudhailer is provided by veteran of the Hull band scene, Dave Burnby. Dave took on the role of Thunder Conjurer in 2021. From behind his prized Eddy Ryan custom drum kit, Dave lays down the rock steady beats and rhythmic interpretations that drive the band.

“A compendium of psychedelic sounds which tap into the folk and rock genres, driven by hugely talented and passionate musicians – beautifully poetic – I’m hypnotised.” Nix Chidlow – BROWSE  – Independent Arts Culture.

“…a magic album. What really draws out the juice is driving through the forest at night with the windows down – wind blowing my hair everywhere – playing it LOUD. I am sure the BIG Lizards and Bandicoots, Snakes and Owls think I’m extra-terrestrial as I whizz by. It is a very very rich experience…” Jungle Jim Ward, Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Album of the Year: “Cursus is a wonderful album featuring nine original tracks of psychedelic sounds underpinned with a myriad of references to folk, classic rock and other genres.  The music is highly atmospheric, immersive and hypnotic with the ability to transport the listener to another time and place (mystical or otherwise).” Across The Universal Soundscape

“Loudhailer Electric Company? Brilliant!” Alan Raw, BBC Introducing

Dreamscape art and music collaboration with GE Saunt …


Loudhailer Electric Company: https://loudhailer.net/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LoudhailerElectricCompany

Twitter https://twitter.com/LoudhailerUK

Bandcamp: https://loudhaileruk.bandcamp.com/album/loudhailer-electric-company-cursus

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/081p683wGRWMmU1KkMmSyl?si=S9YehrzzSze0Gmyx00cMuA