Sci Fi

Some of our science fiction and fantasy songs…first up our tribute to Star Trek Voyager’s most excellent Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine.

Drones and Holograms
I can hear your thoughts
That’s me in your Kingdom
I can be Seven
I can see your dream

Do you like to resist
Or do you want to be a drone boy
Can’t make it on your own boy
Find perfection in We Are Borg and…

…I can hear the voices
Of your sisters and your brothers
You’re a Cargo Bay homeboy
Hangin’ out with all the others

I can hear your thoughts
That’s me in your Kingdom
I can even be Seven
Or would you rather be free yeah free yeah!

Come with me to my imagination
On the Holodeck station
I can be Janeway
You can do it your own way
With Da Vinci machine-way
If you know what I mean-way

Yeah join my band and be one of my space crew
Get a big kinda Bridge view
Of the delta quad vision
Choose your own away mission
Fly a shuttle through deep space
Take a ship to the stars

Swashbuckle me babe in the land of the pirates
Take me up in your galleon
Fight your own fight,
Standing on your own deck
Landing on your very own M Class

Yeah I could be Janeway ay ay ay …
Ah, will we ever get home?… Will we ever get home?

© 2011  Duffy-Howard

My Fantastic Past

My Fantastic Past! (a true story of my past. Well, maybe not quite all of it)

I rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous
I went to parties like you never seen
You know the VU were there
And Marilyn Monroe
I got talkin’ with the Angel of Desire

Like he was in the film
Like he was in the movie
My Fantastic Past!

I got a letter from Starman
Like he was in ’73
He said he wanted to meet me
Invited me down to Cheyne Walk
He said, “Come and join my band”

I’ll make you into a star
He made me into a star
My Fantastic Past!

I got a chance to go up in the sky
I went up in a silver machine
I looked down on the blue, blue planet
And saw it spinning in space
I saw you on the blue, blue planet

You saw me on TV
That was me on the moon
Rich came too
Rich & Lou on the moon!

Moonwalkin’ we were moonwalkin’
Nightclubbin’ we were nightclubbin’

My Fantastic Past!

©  Duffy-Howard

Rich and Replicant

Bladerunner (also based on a true story)

Jonathan is strange
You know he was my modern lover
But he told me what I didn’t want to know
Jonathan is strange
You know he was my modern lover
But he told me what I didn’t want
I had to let him go

Jonathan is strange
You know I thought I saw him yesterday
When I was at the station getting…Rocket Fuel
He told me once I couldn’t smoke
When he was in the room
And the thing is, that was in the days when
Smoking was still cool.

Even though Jonathan is strange and I am curious
I left him in his modern world and I hope he’s doing well
With his new car
And his new lover
As he rips along the highway
Last I heard he’s hangin’ out with Mr Tyrell
And the Tyrell Corporation

I’m in love with the modern world
LA when it’s late at night
And the neon when it’s pouring down
I got the radio on It’ll be alright
Goin’ down the highway…

I felt like a Bladerunner
Rippin’ through the night sky
In LA in the pouring rain
In 2019 AD

I felt like the Bladerunner
Like Harrison Ford
I’m out to get ya

I got replicant one, I got replicant two, I got replicant three, I got replicant four

Bladerunner once, bladerunner twice
I’m in love with the modern world
Everything’s gonna be alright!

© 2011 Duffy-Howard

(With thanks to Jonathan)

The Time Traveller (the first half is Henry’s tale and the second is Clare’s song)

“I’m the time traveller and my story will break your heart
I’m the time traveller and I’ve been searching through all time for you
Oh my love, I won’t stop running ‘til I find you.
On a seamless night we’ll kiss forever.

But I’m the time traveller; I can’t stay where I belong.
You’ll taste my love, but in the morning I’ll be gone.
All that’s left is the waiting…the longing…

I’m the time traveller; I’ll break your heart
I’ll break your heart.

I’ll come and get you on a seamless night
I’ll come and get you…”

“Palms up, I remember
You found me in the clearing in the meadow
You come and go and I miss you when you’re gone
I will wait, do what you will.

Palms up, I remember
I heard the gunshot but you keep me hanging on
One day, I know you’ll find me by the lake
Meet me there, I’m waiting still.

Come and get me on a seamless night
Do what you will.
Standing still, do what you will”.

The time traveller will break your heart
Break your heart.

©  Duffy-Howard 2011