Loudhailer Electric Company – original psychedelic sounds, road songs, myths & legends, sci fi, new set, party time!

Friday June 21st – Midsummer Night’s Scream! Triple header live music night featuring Loudhailer Electric Company, Sleeperman and Jackson D Loudhailer Electric Company – original psychedelic sounds, road songs, sci fi, myths & legends. Sleeperman –classic guitar and poem songs, imagine the Bad Seeds meet Alan Bennett. Jackson D – unique voice, cool cats with stylish songs and hints of Twin Peaks Doors 7.30 pm Tickets here

Loudhailer Electric Company tour dates

Midsummer Triple Poster

We gig either as a full electric band, Loudhailer Electric Company, or as an acoustic duo, Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer, so keep an eye on our Facebook Pages  Loudhailer Electric Company and Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer or Blog for latest gig news.

Rich & Lou's Loudhailer

Contact  here to book either Loudhailer Electric Company or Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer.