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UK based professional gigging and recording musician, Lou is best known for making stunning sounds on her fretless bass. Lou first made the charts with seminal Indie band Red Guitars. She is currently making waves as singer and bassist with her psychedelic outfit Loudhailer Electric Company with debut studio album released internationally on the DHM Record Label.

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Video: Hawk Moon by Loudhailer Electric Company at Kardomah94

In the early days Lou was the bassist in Red Guitars. First single Good Technology was championed by the late, great John Peel who played it on Radio One. It made number 1 in the Indie chart and number 11 in his Festive Fifty. Two albums, a handful of Peel sessions and top ten Indie hits later they had toured with The Smiths, appeared on numerous UK and European TV shows. They were fiercely independent, played hundreds of gigs, went out to dinner with Richard Branson, and eventually signed to Virgin Records. Discover more here.

After that Lou made NME and Sounds’ records of the week with The Planet Wilson. “Crazy-James-Chance-meets-Holger-Czukay…Lou’s bass playing is unbelievable – not just the tunes she invents, but the actual sound of her fingers hitting the strings, Mike Watt of Firehose is probably the only person who could match this.” (David Cavanagh, Sounds). They were highly acclaimed by just about all the music press, played loads of gigs, and released two albums.

Celtarabia 26.05.2018 at Cottingham Civic Hall
Lou photo by Richard Duffy-Howard 2018

Out to Sea track from debut Loudhailer Electric Company studio album 2016

Watch a video recording with Loudhailer Electric Company for Fairview Studio’s 50th anniversary album 2016

Lou also plays dub n slide bass with medieval-with-attitude fusion collective Celtarabia.

2018 photos by Richard Duffy-Howard.

Lou Stingray

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