Loudhailer Electric Company

Loudhailer Electric CompanyPsychedelic sounds from the Loudhailer Electric Company featuring members of seminal cult bands Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine and The Planet Wilson.


Look out for the next Loudhailer Electric Company’s psychedelic gathering!

“Imagine The Doors meet Siouxsie and the Banshees via Patty Smith…” Rob Eunson

“The raw hard-edged sound and screaming guitars were light years away from psychedelia as I remember it and all the better for it! A new sound is among us!”  Sheila Jones

“What a revelation! Reminiscent of early Pink Floyd in the Sid Barrett days” Mike Bisby

“I loved the set to bits!…the feel was perfect.” F. Gill

Preview a track from the forthcoming Loudhailer Electric Company album…

Loudhailer Electric Company  are:

Lou 4

Lou Duffy-Howard Psychedelic Singing, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar. Former Planet Wilson resident and Red Guitars bassist, Lou loves bass guitar, singing and playing music, medieval buildings, and music from Jefferson Airplane and JAMC to Jordi Savall.

“Crazy-James-Chance-meets-Holger-Czukay…Lou’s bass playing is unbelievable – not just the tunes she invents, but the actual sound of her fingers hitting the strings, Mike Watt of Firehose is probably the only person who could match this” David Cavanagh, Sounds.


Jeff ParsonsGroovtastic Guitars, Electrifying Licks and Kaleidoscopic Shirts. With a background to match his amazing pink and orange slide guitar Jeff cut his teeth in cult outfits Bone and Dead Fingers Talk. Hanging out with Genesis P Orridge and influenced by The Who, Hendrix and American psychedelic bands, Jeff’s crazy upside down guitar style with hints of The Chameleons and The Church sends the Loudhailer Electric Company into orbit.

“Playing in LECo allows me to indulge my passion for the outlandish in a way none of my other musical outlets does; Lou’s songs provide the perfect canvas for me to splash my washes of electric guitar across. When I play with LECo I close my eyes and the world turns orange!”

Rich in ColourRichard Duffy-HowardSpoken Word Poetry, Reverberating Electric Guitar, Death Defying Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Big 6 Blues Harp. Ex space age trance world dub band Nazca Nine wordsmith and now one half of Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer. Poet, photographer and Primula auricula enthusiast – because every band needs one of these, right?

“Whoah man! You really blew the socks off those Ozric Tentacles!”  Variant Eye

LECo 10.12.15.


Rich WalkerKeeping it all together on the electronic/acoustic kit, drum artist and Colossal Fills Specialist.

“Rich’s amazing art takes you to the imaginary lakes and forests of your mind’s eye…and that’s even before he picks up his sticks”  Red Herring



LECo 10.12.15.Chris Heron – Classically trained violinist Chris makes the violin soar. He has a passion for improvising and adds a touch of folk, gypsy jazz, classical and flamenco to the LECo sound. Chris is originally from Northern Ireland and described by BBC Radio4 presenter Liz Barclay as: “…stupendous! Wedding guests were demanding quiet so they could listen to his music…he should be resounding round the Albert Hall!”

CONTACT for bookings and enquiries loudhailer@duffyhoward.karoo.co.uk

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Thanks to photographer Paul Newbon and Jack Fox for the original street art work.

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