Meet the band

Original psychedelic sounds featuring members of seminal cult bands Red Guitars, Dead Fingers Talk and The Planet Wilson.

“We were suddenly transported at mach speed from the laid back nostalgia of the previous acts into a frenzied flurry of colour and psychedelia that was gobsmacking. Lead by the tiny whirlwind of energy that was Lou Duffy-Howard, this spunky rock group owned every note they played. Jeff Parsons on electric guitar rivaled Jimi Hendrix with his virtuosity, the intricacies and timing was second to none, with personality and life oozing out of every chord. The trippy songwriting made for a vivid and moving journey through this wormhole of sound. Their performance left me utterly blown away, only able at the end, to piece together the few words I could muster, announcing to my mother, “That was f***ing awesome!” Arthur Whelan Loudhailer Electric Company Summer Solstice 2019

LECo by Sydpix18

Loudhailer Electric Company  are:

LECo by Sydpix

Lou Duffy-Howard – Psychedelic Singing & Bass Guitar. Former Planet Wilson resident and Red Guitars bassist. “Crazy-James-Chance-meets-Holger-Czukay…Lou’s bass playing is unbelievable – not just the tunes she invents, but the actual sound of her fingers hitting the strings, Mike Watt of Firehose is probably the only person who could match this” David Cavanagh, Sounds.

LECo by Sydpix

Jeff Parsons – Groovtastic Guitars, Electrifying Licks and Kaleidoscopic Shirts. With a background to match his amazing pink and orange slide guitar Jeff cut his teeth in cult outfits Bone and Dead Fingers Talk. Hanging out with Genesis P Orridge and influenced by The Who, Hendrix and American psychedelic bands, Jeff’s crazy upside down guitar style with hints of The Chameleons and The Church sends the Loudhailer Electric Company into orbit. “Playing in LECo allows me to indulge my passion for the outlandish in a way none of my other musical outlets does; Lou’s songs provide the perfect canvas for me to splash my washes of electric guitar across. When I play with LECo I close my eyes and the world turns orange!”

LECo by Sydpix

Richard Duffy-Howard – Spoken Word Poetry, Reverberating Electric Guitar, Death Defying Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Big 6 Blues Harp. Ex space age trance world dub band wordsmith and now one half of Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer. Poet, photographer and Primula auricula enthusiast – because every band needs one of these, right?

Dave Burnby  – The rock that anchors Loudhailer is provided by veteran of the Hull band scene, Dave Burnby. Dave took on the role of Thunder Conjurer in 2021. From behind his prized Eddy Ryan custom drum kit, Dave lays down the rock steady beats and rhythmic interpretations that drive the band.

Loudhailer Electric Company