The Night Heron

You are the night heron I am
on the silver moonbeam plated lake our eyes swam
southwest to find the full moon
and I still believe we can
moor our boat to the farthest shore
and listen to our hearts and the gamelan
pure and right inside us…

© R. Duffy-Howard

I’ve got a garden full of daisies
and at night they turn to stars
and I sit in constellation
and wonder who they are
and in the morning sunshine
they smile and ask the same
but there’s no need to worry
Orion is my name.

© R. Duffy-Howard

The morning is clearing
and a bright autumn day
awaits us with breath baited
longing to say:

“that the winter’s the hunter
and summer its’ prey
and I’m just the messenger
blowing your way.”

The morning is clearing
and a bright winters day
awaits us with breath frozen
and can’t really say:

“that I’ve got you in my grip
and I’ll hold you at bay
until the spring blossoms
and melts me away.”

My head it is clearing
and a bright brand new day
is unfolding before me
but all I can say:

“there’s nothing I want
except you to stay
around me forever
like the weather

© R. Duffy-Howard

Setting Stone

Standing stones setting before the sun in my head,
in a country where all of the people have left,
and it’s a long time ago an’ there’s just you and just me,
you’ve just rode up on a black horse to see,
that I’m not some lost mirage,
and it’s sure to be,
just what it has been and is going to be…

© R. Duffy-Howard


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