Corey on Bass

This is Terra Fin with my son Corey on bass. Look at them go! I love this video. They are brilliant.

Jonas and Corey…

Jonas and Corey


Over a year ago I’ve started a band called Terra Fin with Corey Clough-Howard and Matt Porter. I’ve had indescribable experiences on and off the stage with these guys as well as with our new drummer John David Wallis with who we’re off to France for a few gigs tomorrow…We had a gig in Lithuania, had a TV appearance there, supported the legendary Nick Harper in Huddersfield, got some gigs in Sheffield and appeared on Tech Cast Radio in University of Huddersfield. Just out of love and gratefulness to everyone who made this happen, played with us, got us gigs, did live sound for us, listened to us and said kind words I’ve made a montage of a few live videos with audio of our songs from our latest rehearsal recording (all live, no cuts). Special thanks to Ivelina Dulkova for the video footage. Love you all X”

Song titles:
-Rewind, Rewind, Rewind (Intro song)
-Care Less

Venues from the videos:
-The Blue Rooms (Byram Arcade)
-The Parish Venue
-Bar 1:22 (currently Small Seeds)


Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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