Blackbeard’s at The Hut

Hi Dexter here, me and my Mum and Dad had a great trip to see Blackbeard’s Tea Party last weekend. It was part of Whitby Musicport Festival a break out gig at The Hut, a new venue in Goathland.

What an epic night, my absolute favourite band ever, can’t wait to see them again. I especially loved the bass and melodeon, frequent drum and percussion solos and guitar riffs. I am inspired by the violin because it is so tuneful and rhythmic – and the band were having so much fun.

My Dad took these photos, you can see how awesome it was – click on a photo and scroll through…

Visit Blackbeard’s Tea Party Website

Dexter Duffy-Howard – visit Loudhailer home page

One thought on “Blackbeard’s at The Hut

  1. Thanks for your words Dexter and pass on our thanks to your dad for the great photos. We were really pleased to hear that you’re playing fiddle along with our tracks – what a compliment!

    Stu from BTP


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