Mum is 90!

My Mum is 90! She had a party with loads of friends. We all had a great time. Mum did a lovely speech and told a brilliant joke, the best one I’ve heard for ages. Took everyone by surprise and everybody laughed a lot. We all raised a glass to my Dad, and of course to Mum, she’s fab.

Irene's 90th Irene, Lou and Mike and Rob
Mike, Mum, me and Rob

Mum asked me and my brothers if we would play a few songs, and she asked Dexter if he would play her favourite violin piece at the moment. So, we did. Mike and Rob and I played a couple of our songs and then we sang Fairytale of New York with gusto. If you look at the photos below you can see we got in to the spirit of it. You can see when I punched my brother on the arm quite hard (in the spirit of performance).  Then Dexter closed the party with a lovely rendition of Ashokan Farewell. Happy birthday Mum!

Rich took these photos, click on an image and scroll along to see the full picture:

Irene's 90th
Mum and the big cake

Irene's 90th Fairytale of New York 13 Happy Birthday Mum!

6 thoughts on “Mum is 90!

  1. Thanks Lou…great photos. Such a wonderful memorable day and yes, it was great to catch up. Brian and I enjoyed the entertainment too. I have just posted a letter to your mum, she looked amazing! xx


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