Big Skies, UFOs and Terra Fin

We were looking back at the big sky landscape over the causeway from the Holy Island Lindisfarne to the Northumberland mainland…

Low Newton 2018 153 view from Lindisfarne with UFO by Lou at 1-1100 of a second_

Click on the photos and look very closely on the horizon here

UFO montage lou

In the distance a disc shaped object with a fin is clearly visible. Shutter speed is at 1/1100 of a second, so it’s moving across the bay very fast…

…Terrestrial or otherwise, Unidentified Flying Object – interesting!

Click on the video to watch the clouds go by over the Northumberland coast while Corey and Dexter play a beautifully wistful instrumental rendition of Terra Fin’s ‘Positive Thoughts’.

Cosy in The Ship Inn, and look in the sky above, four more lights in the sky glowing above St Mary’s Haven…

St Mary's Haven

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