An Electric Trip

Just to send a big high five to everybody who joined the Loudhailer Electric Company gathering at Kardomah94 last night. We had a blast! Special thanks to Freetownway promotions, Matthew Lund on the desk and to the mighty Terra Fin for opening the show with a fantastic set, first time in Hull and certainly not the last. Next up for all you space rockers out there we’re opening for the Hawklords at The Welly on November 6th, and we’re rolling out the new set at Music HQ Presents Thursday Night Live at Service Station on the 8th. Keep on rockin’!

We unveiled a new Loudhailer Electric Company set at Saturday’s Psychedelic Gathering. Thanks to Sydpix for this lovely set of photographs…

A LECo thanks to Syd for the photos. Here are Rich’s photos of Terra Fin before we went on stage:

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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