The Adventures of the Leconauts Season 1

You have landed at the place where you can experience the first season of the continuing chronicles of the Loudhailer Electric Company mothership and crew. Starring Leconauts Captain Lou Loudhailer, Sonic Architect Parsons, Ricardo the Astral Bard and Bombardier Walker. 

Follow the adventurous antics of the Leconauts traversing the galaxy and encountering a myriad of marvellous musical lifeforms and dastardly villains as they venture forth to perform at the galaxy’s Temples of Song.

Follow the adventurous antics the Leconauts as they traverse the galaxy, encountering a myriad of marvellous musical lifeforms and dastardly villains as they venture forth to perform at the galaxies Temples of Sound.

The Chronicles of Leco is written by Loudhailer Electric Company’s Sonic Architect and keeper of the sacred flangector, Jeff Parsons. Click on the images below for each chapter. Engines at the ready – here we go!

Season 1 The Plains of Kardomah  

Stardate 201018

Episode 1

Tomorrow we will finally be able to see an awe-inspiring display of the power of nature the like of which hasn’t been seen for around fifty days. Yes, thunder and lightning will rend the sky asunder as the mighty mothership LECO re-enters the earth’s atmosphere warping the space-time continuum as it discharges the Leconauts to do battle against the forces of the evil empire Con Ven Shun! Rally to the battle cry of Captain Lou and her strapping cohorts as they whip up a storm of musical mayhem and smite the enemy with their flangection tubes! All hail the coming of the mothership!!!

Captain Lou sat in the experience chair deep in the sensory modelling zone; she was feeling contemplative. She did her best thinking in this place – but then again, was it a place at all? Or was it merely the product of her febrile imagination? Sometimes the lines between what was actually real and what was a product of your own imagination could be blurred – but then again, who was to say that the product of someone’s imagination was any less real than the environment in which it had been dreamed up? Captain Lou pondered on these lofty concepts, but not for long. She knew that actions spoke louder than words – but then again, didn’t actions become words, especially here in the depths of the sensory modelling zone? After what seemed like an age, but could easily have been seconds, Captain Lou stood up with a renewed sense of purpose. The caged clocks clucked excitedly. “It’s time”, she said, “for the next psychedelic gathering”…….

Sonic Engineer Parsons relaxed in his quarters. There were a few quiet hours to savour before take-off; he’d completed all his tasks and could now sit back and leave the final flight preparations to the rest of the engineering technicians.
He mused on the years he’d spent in the crew of the fleet’s finest Sonic Starcruiser, the LECo. As head of the crack Sonic Experimentation Unit, known affectionately among the personnel as the ‘flangection section’ he had seen strange worlds, alternate realities, and taken the message of the Council for Sonic Realignment to the four corners of the universe. The message wasn’t always received with open arms but there had been plenty of transcendent moments along the way. There was still work to do.
An alarm sounded; it was time. He assumed the position, his hands automatically finding the correct configurations on the flangector input board.
He heard Captain Lou’s voice telepathically transmitted to the entire crew simultaneously as she uttered the arcane command which signalled the start of another voyage of discovery; ‘One, two, three, four’!
The journey began……….

Episode 2

Jeff woke from hypersleep without having to be irrigated by the stasis unblocking procedure. He was a veteran of many such missions and by now his body knew when it was required to be on alert, even whilst in a near-death state.
He looked around; as usual he was the first to emerge from the pod. ‘Bombardier Walker will be next’ he predicted. Sure enough, the steely frame of his doughty crewmate and thunder-conjurer emerged shortly after.
Next was the astral bard Ricardo, who raised his head and smiled; there was mischief on his mind already.
Captain Lou was last, but the sparkle in her eyes was there, even after seven quitons of hypersleep.
They all immediately took to their stations; the hospitality drones would be around soon enough with coffee and flapjack.
‘Approaching Terra Gaia’ said Lou. ‘Landing expected at 19.30 hours on Saturn’s day; location, the Plains of Kardomah’.
Jeff smiled inside; the Plains of Kardomah. Scene of many former successful missions and there was no reason to doubt that this one would be different. He could hardly wait for docking; the Plains of Kardomah would soon be vibrating to the sonic emanations of his mighty flangector as the crew of the Leco laid waste to the deathly silence.
‘Soon’, said Captain Lou; ‘Real soon……………….’

Ricardo the Astral Bard thrummed a chord; nothing. He tried another one; still nothing. A realisation dawned; ‘It’s a compound chord’ he said out loud, even though there was no-one else to hear him in the forward flangection pod.

He thrummed again, and this time the ambient light split into its constituent parts and circled the poles of the planet below.

Terra Gaia.

Episode 3

Ricardo had reason to be wary of returning to this blue and mostly pleasant sphere. He had once nearly lost his locomotor functions down there due to a freak gravitational wave. This time he would be more careful.

‘How’s it going’ a cheery voice asked from behind? ‘Have you set up the auroras?’

‘Certainly have’ replied Ricardo, with a glint of mischief in his eyes. ‘They’ll know for sure we’re on our way.’

Sonic Engineer Parsons squeezed into the pod. ‘Aah, yes; there they go. I love a good aurora! Can we sit and watch it for a while?’

But he knew that wasn’t possible. It was nearly time. The LECo would be entering Terra Gaia’s atmosphere very shortly and Captain Lou would want them all in position. He swung out of the pod and floated down to the main flangection deck. The power of Blackstar pulsated eerily.

Bombardier Walker loomed into view – he’d been out past the airlock to deal with the spaceweed which drifted by in this quadrant of the sector. It was important to keep the spaceweed away from the ship or it could interfere with the delicate communication systems. There wasn’t much which could threaten a Starcruiser of the Interplanetary Council, but spaceweed was one of those rare things; a plant which could think for itself.

‘All clear, Bombardier?’, asked Captain Lou. ‘Yeah, the spaceweed has been……disposed of’ said Bombardier Walker, in his particular deadpan way.

‘Excellent’ said Captain Lou. ‘Then we’ll begin our descent. Steady as she goes; flangectors locked and set to stun. We don’t want to blow their minds completely. Well, not straightaway’…………..

Episode 4

The crew of the Leco relaxed on the sensory modelling deck; although they were quite different personalities, at this moment they all appeared alike; each reclining languidly in an experience seat, eyes closed and wearing a beatific smile.

The mission had been a success. From the first metallic globs of flangector fire to the last echoed scream of phosphorescent feedback, the silence had been kept at bay for a full hour.

Although they didn’t realise it, the denizens of the Plains of Kardomah had received enough radiant vita-melody to keep their systems at flourishing level for the next gaia-quarter. The crew could now relax until their next mission.

Coming soon in Season 2 of The Leco Chronicles…

Bombardier Walker was the first to open an eye; ‘so, where to next?’, he asked of no-one in particular. The answer came simultaneously from three throats; ‘the Heights of Well-E’.

The Heights of Well-E.

That meant dealing with a bunch of space renegades who flew under the banner of the Hawk; they were well-known as master manipulators of orgonic flux generators. The Leco’s flangectors would need to be at prime peak to generate the necessary levels of Insanium needed to neutralise the orgonic flux storm that was bound to be unleashed by the gnarly renegades.‘Aah well’ sighed Sonic Architect Jeff; ‘no rest for the wicked…………………’!

To be continued…

Loudhailer Electric Company photos by Sydpix

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