The Adventures of the Leconauts Season 12

The Leconauts in Dream World

You have landed at the place where you can experience the continuing chronicles of the Loudhailer Electric Company mothership and crew. Starring Leconauts Captain Lou Loudhailer, Sonic Architect Parsons, Ricardo the Astral Bard and Bombardier Walker. Written by Loudhailer Electric Company’s Sonic Architect and keeper of the sacred flangector, this is Season 12 of the adventurous antics of the Leconauts traversing the galaxy and encountering a myriad of marvellous musical lifeforms and dastardly villains as they venture forth to perform at the galaxy’s Temples of Song.

Stardate 241019

Leconauts in Dream World


Captain Lou pressed her back hard against the ancient stone wall in the alley she had just entered. Almost immediately the flock of Shantak birds which were pursuing her padded by on the main drag just a few steps away. The noise of their shuffling feet receded but Captain Lou stayed still, breathing shallowly until she deemed it safe to move.

‘Phew, that was close!’ she said to herself, mentally noting her talent for understatement. ‘Time to get out of Unknown Kadath, methinks!’

She snapped her fingers and was suddenly back in the Sensory Modelling Zone, deep in the bowels of the Leco, her starcruiser.

She walked through the Personal Hygiene Station and emerged refreshed and clothed in her uniform. She thought of the far-off days when she had first joined the Fleet of the Galactic Council, ambition strong and a head full of idealism. But that was many quitons ago and she and her crew, Ricardo the Astral Bard, Bombardier Walker and The Sonic Architect were now sonic renegades.

She stood on the Transference Spot and closed her eyes. When she opened them she was back on the bridge of the Leco, surrounded by pulsating lights, thrumming machines, and her trusty crewmates.

‘Welcome back, Captain’ said the Astral Bard. There was mischief in his eye. ‘How was Unknown Kadath?’

‘Still unknown’ said Captain Lou. ‘I can’t seem to get past Level Seventy-Six! Randolph Carter is still way ahead of me! But I’ve decided it’s time we embarked on another Quest of our own!’

The three Leconauts all turned to face their captain, eager with anticipation.

‘I’ve been thinking’ said Captain Lou, ‘about that young guy, Syd, who we met when we travelled back in time to find the artefact of Saint Petulia of Clarksdale. There was something about him….’

The Leconauts all appeared to be considering the weighty conundrum which had been presented to them back in Kardomah City. The Astral Bard was the first to break the silence.

‘Yes, I’ve thought about him too’ he said. ‘But we agreed that to bring him back to our time, as he requested, would risk creating a space/time anomaly.’

‘Indeed’ replied Captain Lou. ‘But the more I think about it, the more I feel that we should have brought him with us, and if we had done, then everything would be ok.’

‘That’s a lot to risk on a feeling’ said the Bombardier. Silence again, this time broken by the Sonic Architect.

‘What if we went back by another means? Then we don’t have to risk creating a temporal anomaly.’

The Bombardier chuckled. ‘And just what other means do we have at our disposal?’ he asked.

The Sonic Architect looked at his three crewmates in turn, then spoke.

‘Why, the Dream World, of course……!’


All three of his crew mates now looked askance at the Sonic Architect.

‘The Dream World!?’ all three exclaimed at once. ‘Surely that’s a faerie story?’ said the Bombardier, dismissively.

‘Perhaps’ replied the Sonic Architect. ‘But many faerie stories have a basis in fact. And the Astral Bard isn’t the only one who’s been spending time in the Room of Manuscripts just lately.’

Captain Lou smiled; ‘what have you found?’ she asked, trying not to sound too keen to hear the answer.

‘We possess many treasures.’ replied the Sonic Architect. ‘For instance, did you know there is a copy of the Pnakotic Manuscripts down there?’ He addressed this last mainly to the Astral Bard, who admitted he was ignorant of this fact.

‘I believe I could guide us to the Cavern of Flame, and from there to the Gate of Deeper Slumber and on into the Enchanted Wood.’

Stunned silence met this pronouncement; then the Bombardier guffawed. ‘You nearly had me there!’ he exclaimed, a wide grin on his face. But the grin disappeared as he saw that his crewmate was deadly serious.

‘Oh, here we go!’ said the hapless Bombardier. ‘Onward into almost certain peril!’

For the next several dodecabits the Sonic Architect regaled his crewmates with tales of the World of Dreams which, it transpired, he had been exploring for some not inconsiderable time. The Leconauts would need to enter the Cavern of Flame together, which would necessitate going into stasis sleep and leaving the Leco in the care of one of their renegade allies. Captain Lou said she was sure that Admiral Bunting would oblige.

‘Although the World of Dreams is a wondrous place’ said the Sonic Architect, ‘we must be on our guard, for danger walks alongside delight in equal step. We must remain alert and expect the unexpected.’

‘I knew it!’ muttered the Bombardier.

‘We will make for the city of Celephais’ continued the Sonic Architect, ‘where we will find a portal to the waking world. And if we intone the ritual correctly, I believe we will be able to choose the time and place at which we enter it.’

The Bombardier spoke again; ‘we seem to be willing to put ourselves into a potentially life-threatening situation for a very insubstantial goal. Is there something more which you aren’t telling us, Captain?!’

Captain Lou hesitated briefly, then answered the Bombardier. ‘I too have been visiting the World of Dreams’ she said, ‘and what I have found there has disquieted me, enough to lead me to believe that young Syd must be brought back to our time. If we do not succeed, then the consequences may be dire, not just for us, but for the entire universe……….!’



The crew of the Leco entered the Chamber of Sleep and each activated their stasis pod. Captain Lou, The Astral Bard, Bombardier Walker and The Sonic Architect synchronised their stasis management systems so that no-one would awaken before their crewmates.

‘Farewell, comrades’ said The Sonic Architect. ‘We will meet at the Cavern of Flame and take together the steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber.’

‘Until then’ said Captain Lou, with a deep sense of foreboding. The Leconauts had stood together in many a galactic adventure, but this was something different, unprecedented. She didn’t know quite how things would pan out in the Dream World, where the usual rules of space/time simply didn’t apply.

Sometime later, it could have been an eon, or it could have been a dodecabit, the Leconauts stood in a rocky subterranean space in the middle of which a single flame burned in eternal effulgence, with no visible means of combustion. It was eerily quiet.

‘We must all be sure of our Dream Quest’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘Beyond this point it will be impossible to turn back without placing each other in mortal peril. We must go forward from here as one!’ Nobody moved.

‘Very well!’

The four Leconauts descended the steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber and the Sonic Architect pushed the ancient structure, which protested with loud creaks rather like the sound of an animal in pain. They passed through the Gate and emerged into the Enchanted Wood.

‘Be on your guard’ said The Sonic Architect, ‘there are strange creatures here, and not all will take kindly to our presence.’

The Bombardier shook his head and smiled.

‘We will head for the city of Celephais’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘We simply have to follow the river Oukranos to the city of Thran and there we can take passage to cross the Cerenerian Sea to Celephais. I think it will be best if we fly.’

‘Fly?’ said the Bombardier. ‘How can we fly without jet packs?’

‘In the Dream World we don’t need jet packs. You can use the power of your third eye’ replied the Sonic Architect, as if he was describing something as prosaic as cleaning a flangector interface module.

The Leconauts halted in a sweet meadow and gathered round the Sonic Architect. ‘It may help to close your eyes’ he said. ‘Concentrate on the spot at the front of your forehead. Focus your thoughts there. Now, think of the way you instruct your arms or legs to move, and bring that power to bear on the spot in the middle of your forehead – just like flexing a muscle.’ As he spoke he slowly rose from the ground and hovered. Captain Lou quickly followed, then the Astral Bard, and finally the Bombardier, who emitted a cry of surprise and almost toppled over.
‘Use your arms to steer’ said The Sonic Architect. He stretched both his arms out and used them to veer left or right. ‘You’ll soon get the hang of it.’ When all his crewmates were hovering at the same height he said ‘now, just think harder and you will rise. Reduce your thought power and you will descend.’ After a short time all had mastered this basic manoeuvre.

‘Now all you have to do is will yourself forward’ he said. With that he propelled himself forward gracefully, picking up speed. The other three quickly followed suit. Before long all four Leconauts were travelling forward and adjusting their speed and altitude to avoid obstacles and follow the terrain. It was as if they had always been able to do this. ‘I used to dream of travelling like this when I was a boy’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘I never believed I would be actually travelling this way through the land of dreams.’

Presently they saw a fabulous city of gilded spires, alabaster walls and great marble wharves. They reduced their height so as to not appear too conspicuous.

‘Behold’ said the Sonic Architect, ‘the fabulous city of Thran. We will find a ship to bear us across the Cerenerian Sea to the city of Celephais. And from there, we will enter the Waking World and seek out Young Syd……..’


The Leconauts had flown through the Dream World using the power of their thoughts. They had followed the fabled river Oukranos and had arrived at Thran, the city of gilded spires. There they booked rooms at a quayside inn and were currently at the waterfront with its marble wharves looking for a galley to take them across the Cerenerian Sea to the city of Celephais. The Sonic Architect headed for an inn he knew of old where he booked passage for the Leconauts on a great green galleon.

In the morning, after resting at the inn, the Leconauts made their way down to the quayside where they were to board the beautiful galleon which would bear them to Celephais. At that moment a hush fell on the waterfront, which had hitherto been bustling with all manner of sound and activity. Even the air seemed to still. Suddenly, a sinister black galley hove into view, like a monstrous creature full of malevolent intent. The Sonic Architect quickened his pace, anxious to board the galleon of fragrant calamander before the black galley could dock.

‘What was that?’ asked the Bombardier. ‘I felt sick just looking at that thing!’

‘Moonbeasts’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘I had thought that they had been….prevented from docking here many dodecamoons ago. Perhaps memories have faded……’ He thought of a conversation long ago, in the very tavern they had slept in, with a sinister merchant who had produced spacejuice contained in a flask made from a single red ruby. The merchant had poured him a draught and proffered it…..his memories of what came after were hazy…..the Sonic Architect thought that this was probably a good thing…..

As the galleon sailed serenely down the river Oukranos toward the Cerenerian Sea, the Leconauts sat on deck and talked of their quest, being careful to avoid the curiosity of their fellow passengers and the ship’s crew.

The Astral Bard regarded Captain Lou, with a searching look in his usually-mischievous eyes. ‘I am curious to know’ he began, ‘just what has led you to the conviction that the young Terra Gaian known as Syd must be brought back to our time, when before we were equally sure that he must be left in his own.’

Captain Lou returned his steady gaze. ‘I can’t reveal that fully at present’ she replied. ‘And I am sorry for that, but must ask for your trust, at least until we reach Celephais and make contact once more with the waking world.’

‘Very well’ said the Astral Bard. ‘We have come this far together.’

‘And we have many more adventures yet to come’ said the Sonic Architect.

‘I do hope so’ said the Bombardier, although he wasn’t entirely sure that he believed his own words…….

Eventually the galleon reached the city of Hlanith, on the Cerenerian Sea and headed out into the clear crystal waters of the deep. For two days and nights they sailed until finally, on the third morning, the cry of ‘Land Ho’ went up from the crow’s nest. The Leconauts ran on to the deck and in the distance beheld the snowy peak of Aran in the land of Ooth-Nargai. Presently the fabled city which was their destination came into view – Celephais…..



Celephais….the most dazzling city in the whole of the Dream World, with its glittering minarets, marble walls and great bronze statues. But after bidding farewell to the captain of the galleon which had borne them hither the Leconauts did not enter the city, but rather turned eastwards, towards a quaint farmhouse which could be glimpsed in the distance, through oak woodlands and meadows of daisies.

‘A king lives here’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘I met him in the Dream World long aeons ago. Kuranes and I shared a great many adventures. He grew tired of the splendour of Celephais and dreamed himself a corner of an ancient realm called Kernow. It is here where we will find the way to the Waking World. This is where the next chapter of our Quest will be written.’

‘Well, Captain, is it time for you to level with us?’ asked the Bombardier. ‘Just why is it so important that we find this young Terra Gaian and bring him back to the future?’

Captain Lou considered, and then spoke. ‘He invents the Nova Drive’ she said. ‘And the Galactic Council has discovered this too. They are working on finding a way to time travel. If they succeed then they will send a rendition party to…remove him from existence.’

Stunned silence met this pronouncement. The Nova Drive had enabled the Alliance of Renegades to break away from the Galactic Council and stand a chance of surviving. Then the Bombardier spoke; ‘whoa, hold on. Now I wasn’t the star student in Space School but I do remember that the Nova Drive was only invented a centadodecamoon ago. He would have been dead for an age when that happened.’

‘I know when the Nova Drive was invented, Bombardier’, said Captain Lou somewhat testily. ‘And I also know who invented it. A plasmawarper named Richard Ever-Young, known to all at Space School as Syd. He invents it after we bring him back. Without him, there is no Nova Drive.’

The Astral Bard tried to present the voice of reason. ‘But the Galactic Council may never learn the secret of time travel. Remember, they are no longer aware of our existence since we sealed the Source back in Kardomah City.’

‘Yes, but with our increased activity, it’s only a matter of time before they discover us anew’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘And then, it will only be a matter of time before they realise we can time travel, and they will redouble their efforts to find out how we do it.’

‘And then’ continued the Bombardier, ‘it doesn’t matter how long it takes them to work out how to do it, because then they will be able to travel back as far as they like!’

The Astral Bard raised an eyebrow almost imperceptibly.

‘That’s exactly right’ said Captain Lou. ‘So we have to find Young Syd, bring him back to the future and make sure he enrols in Advanced Propulsion at Space School……..!’



As the Leconauts approached the ancient dwelling beyond the eastern edge of Celephais, each one was marvelling at the change in landscape and atmosphere which had become evident over a very short distance.

‘I’ve seen a place like this’ said Captain Lou ‘on our holodeck. I think it was called Cornwall.’

‘Yes, indeed’ answered the Sonic Architect. ‘Cornwall is a more modern name for Kernow. It is the land of Kuranes’ boyhood, to which he always longed to return.’

‘And how do we get from here to Kardomah City in the Twentieth Century of the Age of Legends?’ asked the Bombardier, ever pragmatic.

‘All in good…time’ answered the Sonic Architect. ‘First we must pay our respects to King Kuranes.’

The Leconauts had reached the door of the stone-built dwelling, which had a roof made of thatch and small lattice windows from which a warm rosy glow emanated. They knocked on the door, which was answered by a bewhiskered and liveried gentleman with a rather supercilious demeanour.

They were shown into a room which seemed to be impossibly archaic, with wood-panelled walls, hanging tapestries, a log fire and lamps burning fragrant oil which cast a heavy and somnolent haze over the atmosphere.

King Kuranes was sitting in an ancient winged and upholstered armchair, facing out to sea and looking wistfully over the expanse of calm ocean. He was wearing a silk dressing gown patterned in what the Sonic Architect knew to be paisley.

He looked up from his reverie at the sound of their footsteps, recognising the Sonic Architect and bounding from his chair with surprising agility for one until so recently seeming to be almost unconscious.

‘Barzai!’ he exclaimed, and threw his arms around the Sonic Architect. The other three Leconauts exchanged glances, eyebrows raised. Mischief glinted in the eyes of the Astral Bard.

‘How long has it been?’ asked the Sonic Architect. ‘Too long’ replied the venerable monarch. He snapped his fingers and the bewhiskered servant appeared. ‘Our best moon-wine, if you please!’ ordered the king. The servant turned and soon re-entered the room bearing a silver salver upon which sat a ruby decanter and five curiously carved crystal flagons. Kuranes poured himself and each of the Leconauts a draught of the moon-wine and raised his glass. All four Leconauts did the same as the ancient dreamer proposed a toast. ‘To the power of dreams!’ he exclaimed and drained his glass. The Leconauts followed suit and they all sat.

‘To what do I owe the pleasure?’ asked Kuranes, getting straight down to business.

‘We seek the time portal to the waking world’ replied Captain Lou. ‘The Sonic – that is to say, ‘Barzai’, tells me there is one here on your estate.’

‘Indeed so’ replied the king, ‘however, I have not used it in centuries. But I will show you its location.’ With that he jumped up again and clicked his fingers once more. The liveried servant appeared. ‘My cloak, if you please’ said Kuranes. The servant departed and returned almost instantly with a large silken and velvet cape with gold embroidered edging and clasps, and placed it over his master’s shoulders. The party proceeded through the oaken door and into the evening air, which vibrated with the sounds of birds and insects which the Leconauts could not recognise.

They followed King Kuranes to the abbey which he had dream-built on the upland of his estate. He inserted a large silver key into the ancient lock and turned it. The door swung slowly open. Inside was a sight which none of the Leconauts was prepared to see. An Edifice of Song, just like the one they had left behind on the Leco!

Kuranes spoke; ‘Behold, the Temple of The Time Traveller known to all in the Dream World as Samphire……!’



The Leconauts took their positions in the Edifice of Song which had been built by King Kuranes in the Norman Abbey on his estate in the Dream-World.

They had agreed on their destination as Kardomah City in the year 1979 of the Age of Legends. The Sonic Architect had mapped their trajectory with co-ordinates from an ancient star map found in Kuranes’ library. He uttered the hallowed incantation of ‘Onetwothreefour’ and upon the cue they began the launch of their spacechant into the dream-aether. The Astral Bard began to intone the ritual ‘I’m a Time Traveller, and I will break your heart…..’

The space around them began to bend, as if twisted by some gigantic unseen hand and the colours began to mix and blend into new previously unseen hues. The sound became more dense, as if squeezed through a vacuum tube and extruded in a warped and twisted form. The light began to fade until all was blackness except for a tiny pinprick of pale and eerie purple. Then, after immeasurable gulfs of time, the light began to return, revealing not the Temple of Song, but the piece of waste ground upon which they had last stood when Young Syd had discovered them and asked them to take him with them.

The Bombardier was the first to speak; ‘are we still dreaming?’ he asked. ‘Best not to think too hard about that one’ replied Captain Lou. ‘Come on; let’s head for the Emporium of Sir Sydney of the Scarred Burrow!’

Through the streets of Kardomah City they proceeded, attracting not a few strange looks from the passers-by. ‘Down here’ said Captain Lou. They rounded a corner and there it was, the Emporium of Sir Sydney of the Scarred Burrow, looking very much the same as it did when they were last here, eight earth years ago.

They entered, and approached the counter. ‘All hail the lady Varenka’ said the Astral Bard loftily. Captain Lou dug him in the ribs. ‘My companion meant to say “now then, Varenka”. He’s not been himself lately.’

‘I remember you’ said Varenka. ‘It’s been a while – been buying your records elsewhere, have you?!’

Before Captain Lou could reply she caught sight of the only customer in the shop, who was in a booth with a strange contraption across his head which covered both ears. He was facing into the booth and had evidently not heard the Leconauts enter. Suddenly, he began to launch a spacechant into the aether; ‘Ten years ago our Nova Drive failed and we drifted in space…..!’

The Leconauts were dumbfounded. He knew! Then Young Syd turned, opened his eyes and saw them. ‘I had a feeling……’ he said. Then he sank to the floor, in a near faint.

The Leconauts rushed to help. The Bombardier got there first. He lifted Young Syd to his feet. ‘You’ve had a shock’ said the Bombardier, kindly. ‘I’m ok’ said Young Syd.

‘What was that spacechant you just launched into the aether?’ asked the Astral Bard. Captain Lou dug him in the ribs again. ‘He means what was that song you were singing’ she said, in the parlance of the time.

‘Brand new album by Hawkwind’ said Young Syd. ‘PXR-5. “Ten years ago our Nova Drive failed…” – imagine inventing a Nova Drive……….!!!’

Syd Scarbs



Varenka had witnessed the entire exchange without saying a word. She seemed to weigh her options and then decide to say nothing. She had evidently concluded that Young Syd had not been harmed and the re-appearance of the strange foursome didn’t pose a threat to his wellbeing.

‘We would welcome the opportunity to break bread with you, Young Syd’ said the Astral Bard. Captain Lou dug him in the ribs yet again. ‘What my friend meant to say was “fancy a coffee?”’ said Captain Lou. ‘Yeah, cool’ replied Young Syd. ‘No, hot’ said the Astral Bard, a look of puzzlement upon his face, which was swiftly dispelled by yet another dig in the ribs from Captain Lou.

Young Syd completed his purchase of PXR-5 and then all five of them left the emporium of Sir Sydney of the Scarred Burrow to find a tavern or an inn in which to take coffee.

‘Let’s go to Picadish!’ said Young Syd. The Leconauts followed. They entered a doorway in an imposing building and climbed up three flights of stairs which lead to the aforementioned café. Young Syd ordered five coffees and he and the Leconauts chose a table as far away as possible from any other customers.

‘I knew you’d come back’ said Young Syd, smiling. ‘But it took you long enough. Eight years!’

‘Yes, indeed’ replied Captain Lou. ‘But we have travelled here by a…different route. This means that we can take you forward in time without risking a temporal anomaly. If you still want to come, that is?!’

‘You bet!’ said Young Syd. ‘But how come you can take me now when you couldn’t before?’ he asked.

‘It’s…complicated’ said Captain Lou. ‘But suffice it to say that we are confident that we can get you back to the future without mishap.’

‘So what has changed?’ asked Young Syd. ‘Last time we met you seemed pretty certain that for me to come with you was impossible.’

‘Much has changed’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘Tell me’ he continued, ‘do you like to…make things?’

‘Oh, yeah’ replied Young Syd. ‘People say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. There are many dreamers here – but I guess the difference with me is that I believe that dreams can become reality, if you want it enough.’

The Leconauts exchanged meaningful glances, then Captain Lou spoke. ‘We believe it is of paramount importance that you accompany us back to our time. We believe that the future of…our kind may depend upon it.’

‘Our kind?’ said Young Syd.

‘Yes, our kind’ answered Captain Lou. ‘The rebels, the renegades, the dreamers…..’

Young Syd smiled. ‘Count me in’ he said……..

syd scarb leco 2



‘I need to bring some things’ said Young Syd. ‘I can’t go without my hair straighteners. And my records, and my camera.’

‘Hair straighteners?’ said the bombardier.

‘Only joking!’ replied Young Syd. ‘But I do need my camera.’

The Leconauts went with Young Syd and waited outside his house. He came back shortly with a large bag with straps attached, which he called a rucksack. ‘Ok, I’m ready!’ he said.

The party returned to the spot where they had entered Kardomah City and prepared to return to the Dream-World.

They stood in a five-pointed star configuration and joined hands. The Astral Bard intoned a strange mantra-like chant and Young Syd felt the space around him begin to bend….

Sometime later, Syd found himself walking through a dream-like scene which reminded him vividly of Cornwall, a place he was very fond of. He turned to see the Leconauts walking alongside him. They were approaching a quaint farmhouse, glimpsed through an oak wood and a meadow of daisies. They entered the farmhouse and proceeded to an oak-panelled room where an old man in a paisley dressing-gown sat in an ancient wing chair, looking out to sea.

‘Is this a dream?’ asked Young Syd.

‘Yes, and no’ replied Captain Lou, somewhat cryptically.
‘We are dreaming, but you are awake!’ said the Sonic Architect. ‘As far as we know, no-one has ever entered the Dream-World in a state of wakefulness before!’

The old man in the chair looked up. ‘Barzai’ he exclaimed. ‘Who’s Barzai?’ asked Young Syd.

‘It’s a long story’ smiled Captain Lou.

Kuranes regarded Young Syd with the curious enthusiasm normally only seen in mad scientists examining a hitherto unencountered specimen.

‘Splendid, splendid’ he muttered, all the while walking around Young Syd and looking him up and down. ‘A waking corporeal being in the Dream-World, apparently fully alert and aware of his surroundings! Quite unprecedented!’

Captain Lou could see Young Syd becoming slightly uncomfortable. Fortunately the Sonic Architect spoke.

‘Yes indeed, old friend, and a personage of great importance to the continuance of our kind. Now, without wishing to seem ungracious, we really do need to return to the future Waking World.’

‘Of course, of course’ said the venerable monarch. ‘To the abbey!’

A short while later they were arranged in formation in the Edifice of Song, with Young Syd in the middle. The ritual began……

…..The Leconauts and Young Syd stood in a corridor, trying to appear inconspicuous. They were, after all, in the Space School they would all attend in the future. All except Young Syd; his time was now.

‘Just go through that door, introduce yourself, and say you want to enrol’ said Captain Lou.

‘But I hated school! What if…..’

‘No ifs, no buts – just do it!’ she insisted.

Syd took a deep breath, knocked and walked through the door. A class was in progress. Everyone looked up at the newcomer.

‘Professor Rockwell? Advanced Propulsion?’ asked Young Syd.

The professor regarded Young Syd, looked him up and down and said ‘Aah, Mr Syd Young, I presume? Take a seat…we’ve been expecting you……’

Loudhailer Electric Company photos by Sydpix

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By Loudhailer Electric Company’s Sonic Architect and keeper of the sacred flangector, Jeff Parsons


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