Gifford Rolfe Song Legacy 2002-2019

Song Legacy 2002-2019

Gifford Rolfe’s album Song Legacy 2002-2019 is released on the DHM record label on November 25th 2019. The album features 14 favourite tracks from Gifford’s back catalogue of eight albums. Available from all the usual digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify from the release date, catalogue number DHM022.

“Writing songs is like having a conversation with someone in your head, sometimes you have to wait a while before you get a reply.”

My approach is very much to work with an initial idea, research any necessary background detail needed to enhance and validate the story, and then arrange it in a suitable musical landscape, this can be a lengthy and, at times, frustrating process.

My songs are concerned with a range of themes from personal life experiences to social comment, Western characters and biographical stories of strong famous female activators.

Since 2002, I now have eight albums and over one hundred songs recorded.  This compilation album SONG LEGACY is a selection of some of the favourite songs from those albums. Gifford Rolfe 2019


All songs written and composed by Gifford Rolfe

Gifford Rolfe: Vocals, 6 & 12 string guitars, baritone guitar, harmonica

Roger Busby: mandolin (track 6), Michael Doonan: Uillean pipes, low whistle (tracks 10, 11, 14), Rosie Doonan: back up vocals (track 1), Dexter Duffy-Howard: fiddle (track 10), Louise Duffy-Howard: bass (tracks 8,9,10), Ian Fairburn: fiddle (track 2) Joan Foye: back up vocals (tracks 9,12), Leah Howell: back up vocals (track 1), Marjorie Paterson: fiddle, cello (track 3), Kate Rolfe: vocals, guitar (track 5)

Tracks 1 & 2 from Dark Hearts and Strange Angels 2002, track 3 from One Man’s Song 2009, tracks 4 & 5 from Ghosts on the Coastline 2011, tracks 6 & 7 from Playing with Matches 2012, track 8 from Between that Ocean and this Sky 2015, track 9 from Words in Black and White 2016, track 10 from Skimming Stones 2018, tracks 11 – 14 from Silhouetted ‘gainst the Sun 2019.

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded by Alastair Russell at Glade Recordings, Leeds. Tracks 3-14 recorded by Mark Sturgess at Soundstation Studios, Wakefield. Photography by Richard Duffy-Howard.

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Gifford’s early music influences originated in contemporary folk song and songwriters of the 60s/70s. He has honed and perfected his own unique approach to writing and performing, and his repertoire contains a range of narrative songs as well as personal statements and reflections. Many of Gifford’s songs offer emotive insights into the lives of legendary individuals, from Wild West heroes to icons of Hollywood. Other songs are retrospective in nature, exploring relationships and landscapes that resonate with everyday human emotion, igniting the listener’s imagination with their refreshingly poetic turn of phrase.

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