Samphire – A Ride on a Cloud Dragon

It was a beautiful day and I was lying on the cliffs above Flamborough Head looking up at the cloud pictures in the sky. Have you ever done that and seen a cloud dragon? We’ll that’s what I saw, and you know what? It flew down and said, ‘Hey Lou, climb up on my back, we’re going for a ride!’ It was amazing – so I thought I’d write a song about it …

Samphire, from Loudhailer Electric Company’s second studio release Morpheus. Thanks to Matt Britton and Dan Britton for their beautiful films which accompany the song.

“Come spiral up hitch a ride past sea ivory, we can look down from the top of the world …

Samphire, samphire, centaury sing to me, bring to me centuries back from the sea. Waves keep on rolling and cloud pictures beckon, climb up pierce the sky on dragon ride so high …

Look back at long ago, lavender stories and bracken house games take us back to the sea. Star fish in slo-mo and yellow scaled mountainsides, feed my soul, energise, dragon ride so high …

Hemlock remember, solanum siesta the sand man says I’ll get you, catch as catch can. ‘Lantis adventure, true dare kiss or promise, there’s only one answer, you know what it is? The answer is – yes!

Come spiral up hitch a ride past sea ivory, we can look down from the top of the world “

Samphire screenshot

Lou Duffy-Howard – vocals and bass
Richard Duffy-Howard – acoustic guitars
Jeff Parsons – electric guitars and backing vocals
Rich Walker – drums
Words and music by Lou Duffy-Howard
Arranged by Loudhailer Electric Company
Recorded by Mikey Scott at Studio94, Hull UK
DHM Record Label catalogue number DHM019

Films by Matthew Britton and Daniel Britton

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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