The Dark Secrets – Band of Brothers

The Dark Secrets release a new album, ‘Band Of Brothers’, featuring twelve newly-recorded songs written by Jeff Parsons (ex-Dead Fingers Talk). The album was recorded at Element Studio in Hull with producer Dan Foster and mastered by Pete Maher. The twelve track album is released on the DHM Record Label on April 28th 2020, catalogue number DHM024.

The Dark Secrets photograph by Richard Duffy-Howard

The Dark Secrets

Take four guys who have lived through every important era of music since Rock n Roll blasted out of Sun Studio for the first time.

Give one of them a love for the music of the British Invasion; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, The Yardbirds. Then warp his mind with psychedelia as, in the Summer of Love, he leaves boyhood behind and becomes a man.

Give one of them to the Thames Delta and wean him on Doctor Feelgood, The Kursaal Flyers and the Southend sound.

Give one of them over to the Romantic, the Baroque and the Classical; fill his head with harmony, counterpoint and contrapuntal, but fill his boots with the bottom.

Give one of them the key to the vestry and the organ pipes, but temper the sacred with the profane sounds of the Eighties.

Put them together in a darkened room; let them find the things that go boom, the things that go twang, the things that go bang! The things that go tinkle and the things which twinkle.

Leave them to take root and grow, and come back in twenty years; what do you find?

Is it Pink Floyd? Is it The Who? Is it Yes? Is it Bach? It is all these things and more; it is power and delicacy; melody and mayhem; thinking, feeling, toe-tapping and swaying.

It is what you’ve been waiting for – it is The Dark Secrets!

Kelvin Baldwin – drums
Phil Mulchinock – keyboards
Jeff Parsons – guitar
Rob Rybak – bass 

Album available on all major digital outlets from April 28th 2020 including Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, XBox Music, 7Digital, EMusic, FeelMusic, GooglePlay, MediaNet, Merlin, MillwardBrown, Pyro, Shazam, Tidal, listen on Spotify. Click on the images below from the release date to visit The Dark Secrets sales outlets.

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