Loudhailer Acoustic – August

Ten performers and another full house last night at our acoustic night at Atkinson’s Cafe Bar.  (NB. now moved to Willerby Methodist Hall). Terrific to welcome back Gifford Rolfe. The night was, in Gifford’s words,  ‘As changeable as a skyfull of clouds’…  with a theme of  excellent songs-of-food-for-thought at the cafe.

Gifford, Jeff, Mike, John, Geoff

Lovely surprise to see Linda who came to sing with David Swann.  A favourite at clubs throughout the north of England, David’s songs are sometimes funny, but tonight he was cool and soulful.  Linda runs Cottingham Live folk club which has been going for 25 years – we’ve been playing there on and off  for the last ten years – and it’s always a great night. Wednesdays, 8pm in the Back Room in Hallgate, Cottingham, starts again in September.

It was smashing to see the two left handers, Gifford Rolfe and Jeff Parsons back in the cafe last night, and a welcome return to Andy Pyke (song for Dave, yeah). John had everyone singing along, Mike was cool despite sharing a prison cell with J. Cash, and Geoff Pink Panther Durham was on top form, even got us all joining in in Spanish. We played our Richard Brautigan tribute American Dust, and it turned out that Gifford’s friend and poet Roy Kibbler is a big Brautigan fan too, so we had a good chat about William Hjorsberg’s Jubilee Hitchhiker amongst other things. Fab night. Thanks to Leanne and Olly at the cafe for looking after us, see you next time, Saturday 8th September.


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