Fairview @ 50 Film

We are thrilled to have recorded a Loudhailer Electric Company track for Fairview Studio's 50th anniversary album. You can see that we had lots of fun in the studio in this great short film. Big thanks to John Spence and the Fairview crew! So here I am telling some stories from when we recorded the … Continue reading Fairview @ 50 Film

Out to Sea

News flash! Here's a preview track from our forthcoming Loudhailer Electric Company album. It's Out to Sea, recorded at Fairview Studio, featuring Jeff's pink and orange psychedelic slide guitar, me and Rich's down and dirty bass and drums, Chris's soaring violin, Rich's Big Six harmonica, and a tale about herons, foxes, peregrine falcons and unrequited love. You can see … Continue reading Out to Sea

Fairview 50th Day 1

Loudhailer Electric Company and Philip Larkin at Fairview studio... Fairview is a brilliant studio. I spent many happy hours recording the first Red Guitars album there and was delighted that John Spence invited us to record a track for the studio's 50th anniversary celebration. Today was our first day and it felt just like going home... … Continue reading Fairview 50th Day 1

Loudhailer Acoustic August 2014

Thanks to everyone who came to play and listen at last night's Loudhailer Acoustic. Candlelight, coffee and flap jack was the order of the day. We started off the evening by giving an airing to a brand new CD - National Debt - by the amazing Soft Shoe Sam. The album of bottleneck and slide … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic August 2014

Loudhailer Acoustic July 2014

Big thanks to everyone who came to Loudhailer Acoustic last night, and made it such a good easy going session. There were sets from three Richards and two Grahams, with a Lou and a Dex thrown in for good measure. There was a lovely spread of home made cakes & scones and I'm sure Jan's delicious … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic July 2014