Loudhailer acoustic evenings have a new home!

Loudhailer Acoustic is moving to a new home! Thanks to everyone who came to play and listen at our last acoustic evening at Atkinson’s Cafe Bar.

And what a great evening it was! The cafe was full to bursting with superb sounds from old and new friends. Rich and I had some new songs on the go, but at the last minute decided to play out with some old favourites before we settled down to listen to the music. Karl Oakes invited all the instrumentalists to join in his SurroundSound special, great fun, Jeff and I even got a pretty good jam going together in our corner.

Alyx in Action

Next up, poet Alyx Tamminen had a lot to live up to for me as she was brilliant last time. No pressure then. And she came up with the goods for sure. Great set Alyx!

Next on the bill, from Castleford, (Captain) Chris Scarlett entertained us with his easygoing style and variety of great songs both poignant and humorous.

We were delighted to welcome another top new guest to the session, originally from Hull and now back from playing in the States, Graham Brady was fantastic.     Loved all his songs, cool guitar, great lyrics, kinda low key and great rhythms.  Keely and I were dancing at the back.

Now a regular to Loudhailer sessions, Jeff Parsons has to choose from a whole album of newly penned songs, all of them superb.  Our only Christmas song of the night, The Man from Galilee was followed by The Cult of Celebrity. Hang on, was there one in between? Er…nice one Jeff!!

The first round of performances was rounded off by Martin Clappison who filled the room with his great sounds.  After another round of songs from everyone Martin closed the last Loudhailer Acoustic at Atkinson’s with a Tom Waites song. Like Rich says, in some parallel universe, if there is any justice in the world, Tom Waites will be playing Martin Clappison covers.

Thanks once again to everyone who has come to our sessions at the cafe. Rich and I have heard some amazing music and performances, and become friends with so many great people who have come to play or listen.  We are really looking forward to the new age Loudhailer acoustic evenings at Willerby Methodist Hall.

Old friends and new, see you there, Saturday January 13th 2013, showtime is 8.00 pm!

Rich & Lou


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