Candles and Canapés and Food for Thought

A big thanks to everyone who performed and everyone who came to listen at the first Loudhailer Acoustic at our new home Willerby Methodist Hall. It was brilliant to have more people there than ever before, lots of new faces and friends,  a great stage, lights and a fantastic vibe.

The Loudhailer Acoustic Performers Jan 2013

Thanks to Mike, Chris, David and Diana at the Methodist Hall for their super hospitality. We really loved the atmosphere in the venue, candles and canapés and all.

As ever, all welcome, we’re really looking forward to the next session on February 9th.

Rich entertained us with his poems & stories and took the photos.  Sorry, was too busy concentrating on her well delivered and thought provoking poems to take one of Alyx this time.  Click on an image to enlarge and scroll through…


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