Cottingham Springboard May 23 – 25 2014

Rich and I are looking forward to playing at Cottingham Springboard again this year, and to watching as many acts as we can. We’ve got three slots over the weekend, and will be aiming to play a different themed set at each one – Sea Songs, Sci Fi & Fantasy and Love & Murder. Which will be which? Don’t know yet – but if you are in the area come and see us and say hello. Here’s where you’ll find us:

Saturday 24th May 2.10 pm – 2.50 pm at the King Billy (Sunday name King William IV), in The Old Brewery round the back. 152 Hallgate, Cottingham, HU16 4BD. We’ll be playing on the Off The Road stage where festival organiser Jayney Wright will be at the helm.

Saturday 24th May 7.45 pm – 8.30 pm at The Railway, 11 Thwaite Street, Cottingham, HU16 4QT – Thanks to Rob Nicklas for putting us on at The Railway. Saturday is Ladies Day, there is at least one woman in all the bands. We’ll play a set dedicated to Captain Janeway…or Seven of Nine 

Sunday 25th May 7.00 pm – 7.50 pm at The Bluebell, West Green, Cottingham, HU16 4BH. Our buddy Cowboy DC is hosting Sunday at the Bluebell, and we’re especially looking forward to catching Cowboy’s band ‘Work in Progress’. Highly recommended, c’mon down at about 6 pm to see them too.

Amber Ascough drew this fab picture of us last time we played at Springboard, how cool…

Rich and Lou's Loudhailer at Springboard Festival by Amber Ascough
Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer at Springboard Festival by Amber Ascough

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