Songs of Freedom on the Barge

The young people of The Warren’s first performance of Songs of Freedom on the Freedom To Tell Tales Barge at Freedom Festival Hull 2015 was amazing! It was the first time on stage for some of the performers and every single person was brilliant.

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Songs of Freedom at The Warren

“A powerful protest song’s project giving young people a voice performing live at the Freedom Festival. In a bold creative fight-back against government cuts and youth poverty – the Warren Young People’s Project is building on the success of the pilot initiative to deliver Songs of Freedom 2. Working alongside skilled musicians and songwriters, the Project will support 16-25 year-olds to develop their vocal and performance skills through dynamic accredited song writing workshops which will lead to a live performance opportunity at the Freedom Festival.

In a bid to give young people a creative voice of expression, Songs of Freedom 2 aims to help young people vent their frustrations and channel anger in a powerfully positive way. Musician and song writers Lou Duffy-Howard and Ysabelle Wombwell; MC and song writer REDEYE and producer Liam Van Rijn will be on hand throughout the 4-day project to offer encouragement and professional guidance to aspiring young song writers. Can Do Learning Activist Heidi-Victoria Ireland and Kate Murphy will be on hand to offer additional support.”

Thanks to all at The Warren – Lisa Wedgner, project lead and Can Do Coordinator, Heidi-Victoria Ireland, Jess Harrison, Kate Murphy, John, Stew Baxter, Warren Records and studio and mostly all the fantastic young people of The Warren.

Lou Duffy-Howard