From Poacher’s Starlight to Bilbo Baggins


The sun is out and the cold frames are brimming with flowers in bloom, so Rich set up a makeshift auricula photography studio in the kitchen. Dexter’s sweet pea shoots are just starting to peep up, and you can see Stanley the money box dog/fox looking on. So, the first set of Rich’s photos are of Primula auricula Sunflower, Robbo, Lavender Lady, Dilly Dilly, Grey Monarch, Clouded Yellow, Poacher’s Starlight, Crimple, Lincoln Bullion, Curry Blend, Bilbo Baggins, Crinoline and an especially beautiful unknown green edge. Click on a flower to see the full bloom and scroll through…

And why not have a listen to Dexter’s Everything About Stanley seeing as Stanley is on the table…


Primula auricula green edge
Beautiful Unknown Green Edge

Auricula photographs © Rich Duffy-Howard

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2 thoughts on “From Poacher’s Starlight to Bilbo Baggins

  1. Gorgeous flowers!! Well done! Do you ever take them to any of the UK shows? Our chapter of the New England Primrose Society is having a show in two weeks and I’ll be showing a few of my plants. It’s always so much fun!


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