Cowboy DC’s Work in Progress

It was brilliant to welcome one of our favourite bands in Hull, and great guys Work in Progress to open the show at our Loudhailer Electric Company album launch gig at Kardomah94 last weekend. And they were awesome! With mix of up tempo country and bluegrass tunes it’s hard to keep still from the moment they hit the groove right through their feel good set of original and traditional foot stomping songs. We all loved them, thanks guys!

Photographer Paul Newbon captured some great shots of Work in Progress in action. Click on an image to see the full picture…

Work in Progress are: Dale ‘Cowboy DC’ Cavany guitar/vocals, Kelvin ‘Kelvindolin’ Richmond on Mandolin/Vocals and on bass Lewis ‘Marty’ Woods playing country/Bluegrass/Punkgrass tunes to stomp your feet and raise some dust. Visit them on Facebook Work in Progress

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page



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