Sing-Sing Spell Song

Sing-Sing Spell Song…

“When things are bad, you can sing-sing. Sing-sing for everything. And turn the corner to better times…”

Translation: heartland hinterland faeryland brotherland wonderland alice in – in berlin heroin origin heretic addict or contradict lunatic moonatic rhetoric homesick or heartsick homesick or heartsick homesick or wallow in swallow reject or collect or inject or infect or one magpie or shoofly don’t bother me shoo fly don’t bother me just leave me alone space and iconoclast dream we drink dew of sun potion the ocean the animal wild to run whippoorwill mystical rosalie evermore rosalie come to me rosalie on the floor sing-sing sing-sing for everything orbital aerial legend or pretend you can leave or believe in the looking glass alice through sky blue forever true catch a wing lulu is fracturing… stand up and sing-sing, sing-sing for everything, everything, everything, everything…

© Lou Duffy-Howard

A different version of Sing-Sing for Everything from our Loudhailer Electric Company  debut studio album – Cursus. The album recorded by John Spence at Fairview Studio, mastered by Pete Maher, and with original album artwork by Charlotte Pugh is available from all the usual digital outlets, selected stores and Bandcamp.


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