Perfect Combination 2

The second Perfect Combination gig, celebrating Hull’s musical heritage with performances from a host of musicians and bands who recorded at Fairview Studio between 1973 and 1993 and feature on the double album, A Perfect Combination, put together by music historian Andy Richardson. The evening raised over £1000 for an excellent local charity, The Stephen Hughes Foundation.

It was a really ace night with a full house at Kardomah94. Loudhailer Electric Company represented my former bands Red Guitars and The Planet Wilson and Jeff’s former band Dead Fingers Talk. We followed the debut of our new song The Dark Guitar, dedicated to  Ian Kennington with our version of Dead Finger’s Talk track, The World’s So Hard to Love with Jeff on lead vocals. Then, chuffed to bits to welcome my Red Guitars band buddy Jeremy Kidd to the stage to sing a Red Guitars band favourite, Paris France.

This is the video of Paris France, loadsa fun for sure. Jeff nailed Hallam’s guitar part and the rhythm section was ace, nice one Rich & Rich.

The whole night was full of performances from a terrific line up, Cassie Patton, Arena, Martin Peirson’s Runaway Train, Ted Key, Ched’s One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer, Sleeperman, The Brontes, Moscow for Pleasure as well as us, Loudhailer Electric Company. Great night all round, with Burnsy comparing the night and Andy Richardson putting the whole show together. It was fab to catch up with some good friends, and a big thanks to Matt Lund for a fab sound all night as ever and Matt, Mikey Scott and the team doing a great job holding the fort at Kardomah94.

Here’s Rich’s gallery of photos from the night, click on an image and scroll along…

All the proceeds of the night were donated to a local charity, The Stephen Hughes Foundation. Stephen was a young Hull born school teacher and footballer who died at the age of 23 of the heart condition giant cell myocarditis. The charity set up in his name raises funds for the British Heart Foundation, the Myocarditis Foundation and the Stephen Hughes Foundation Sports Award which helps primary school children participate in sport for social skills and self-esteem purposes. It was lovely to meet Stephen’s family and friends, what an excellent charity, celebrating Stephen’s life by creating real positive musical and sporting benefits for children and young people

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