A Perfect Combination Gig

What a brilliant night it was at last night’s gig ‘A Perfect Combination’ at Kardomah94. It was an amazing evening. There were so many of our musical heroes there, and magic moments came thick and fast throughout the night.

Boogie Nights photo thanks to Dez and Cathy Allenby

We loved the vibe throughout sets from a host of bands all of whom had members featured on the recently released Perfect Combination CD – Martin Peirson, Peter Robinson (ex Diggory Venn) with Dez Allenby and friends; Ted Key and Hugh Whitaker (ex Gargoyles and Housemartins); Cassie Patton (ex Cheap Thrills); Keith Cheesman (Ched) and his band; MG Greaves, The Brontes, Sleeperman (ex The Vets).  We were delighted to be invited to play a Loudhailer Electric Company set to represent some of the bands Jeff and I played in who feature on the Perfect Combination album. In the spirit of the evening we did something we’ve never done before and played a Red Guitars song – Good Technology, a Dead Fingers Talk song – Fight Our Way Out Of Here, and and one of our own we’ve recorded for the Fairview Studio 50th anniversary – Underneath the Underground.

The show was topped off with a tribute to Rod Temperton – so big high fives to everybody on and off the stage who joined us playing, singing and dancing to Boogie Nights.

It was an amazing night all round, but really special when Geoff Appleby joined us on the stage for Boogie Nights – fantastic!

Thanks to organisers Gary Marks and Andy Richardson, Burnsy for MCing the evening, Mal at Kardomah94 and  to Matt White for a great sound & cool vibe on the desk.

Rich took this gallery of photos, click on an image to see the full picture and scroll through…

All the proceeds of the night were donated to a local charity, The Stephen Hughes Foundation. Stephen was a young Hull born school teacher and footballer who died at the age of 23 of the heart condition giant cell myocarditis. The charity set up in his name raises funds for the British Heart Foundation, the Myocarditis Foundation and the Stephen Hughes Foundation Sports Award which helps primary school children participate in sport for social skills and self-esteem purposes. It was lovely to meet Stephen’s family and friends, what an excellent charity, celebrating Stephen’s life by creating real positive musical and sporting benefits for children and young people.

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Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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