Celtarabia at Hull Folk Festival 2018

Celtarabia played a storming set to a packed house at the Minerva on Saturday night at Hull Folk and Maritime Festival 2018. Brilliant audience and atmosphere, absolutely loads of fun. Despite the room bursting at the seams the capacity crowd joined in the dancing, it felt like the whole building was leaping up and down. Quentin’s full on hurdy gurdy riffing and Amanda’s high energy hammer dulcimer tunes set the medieval rave/world fusion scene while Rob and I kept the tribal sounds thumping on one drum and bass rhythm section.

Rich’s gallery of photos, click on an image and scroll along…

Celtarabia at Hull Folk Festival 2018:

Quentin Budworth – Hurdy Gurdy
Amanda Lowe – Hammer Dulcimer
Rob Taylor – Drum
Lou Duffy-Howard –  Bass

Thanks to Mark Pollard and the Hull Folk Festival team and Megan and David Elf at Africa Studios for a great sound.

Celtarabia play a wild fusion of Arabic, Andalucian, Celtic, Medieval music and contemporary beats designed to get bodies dancing. Some of this country’s finest world dance musicians play the wildest cross-over music being made in England today, featuring hurdy-gurdy, hammered dulcimer, drums, bass, vocals.

Contact Celtarabia on Celtarabia.com

Photographs by Richard Duffy-Howard

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

Visit Celtarabia’s website

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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