Celtarabia at Beverley Fringe Festival

Celtarabia gigs are always loads of fun with everybody dancing the night away to the rhythms and grooves and of Quentin’s hurdy gurdy fusion tunes. This was the first gig without my buddy Mandi on hammer dulcimer, while she is away doing a musical #lejog interlude, and although I missed her, fear not Zebedee stood in her shoes and played an absolute stormer. Rob and I got some full on dance drum and bass beats going underneath the tunes and there was dancing galore. Have a look at Rich’s photo gallery:  

Great to play at Beverley Fringe Festival, the Masonic Hall in Beverley is a great venue, thanks to Phil Simpson and the Beverley Fringe team for organising a fab show.

Celtarabia at Beverley Fringe: Quentin Budworth – hurdy gurdy, Zebedee Budworth – hammer dulcimer, Rob Taylor – drums, Lou Duffy-Howard – bass.


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