Loudhailer Acoustic November 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to the acoustic night on Thursday: Jim Orwin, Catherine Scott, Jeff Parsons and Paul, Gifford Rolfe and Joan Foye, Roy Kibbler and Brian Williams. Everyone played a great set and we had time to go round again for a second set - first time in a long time. Great to … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic November 2018

Loudhailer Electric Company Psychedelic Gathering #2

A big high five to everybody who joined the Loudhailer Electric Company gathering at Kardomah94 last night. We had a blast! Special thanks to Freetownway promotions, Matthew Lund on the desk, the mighty Terra Fin for opening the show with a fantastic set, first time in Hull and certainly not the last. Next up for all you space rockers out there we're opening for the Hawklords at The … Continue reading Loudhailer Electric Company Psychedelic Gathering #2

As my sun continues to set

Written after I was hosting the Open Bridges workshops in Dove House Hospice, a very uplifting experience. But it's a personal story. The fragments that will stay until the end. It's all true, except for the very last line... "Shadows lengthen, future days are less, the pale light trips up the horizon as my sun … Continue reading As my sun continues to set

Image from an original street art work by Jack Fox

Dead Man

Dead Man voice Rich, Dead Man guitars Lou There’s dead man walkin’ in my shoes ‘Cause without you honey, I ain’t got nothing to lose And the rainfall in the creek And my shotgun and my heart are growing cold Apple brandy tastes like water And the deer up on the mountain are growin’ old. … Continue reading Dead Man

Celtarabia at The Mercian Gathering

Another road trip for Celtarabia this weekend into the heart of Pagan Mercia. Rich's photos tell the tale,  click and scroll... What a wonderful weekend... Celtarabia at The Mercian Gathering 2018: Quentin Budworth – Hurdy Gurdy Amanda Lowe – Hammer Dulcimer Mark Chillington – Drums Lou Duffy-Howard –  Bass One minute of photos, Quentin and … Continue reading Celtarabia at The Mercian Gathering

Loudhailer Electric Company & the Blood Moon

It was the night of the blood moon when the brewing storm broke with full force. As the heavens opened and thunder & lightning put on an impressive show outside, Loudhailer Electric Company engaged gear at K94 for the hottest gig of the year, Nostalgia! Psychedelia! Poetica! Thanks to our buddies the fabulous Sleeperman for a … Continue reading Loudhailer Electric Company & the Blood Moon