Celtarabia at Rainbow Summer Camp

The last of a terrific set of summer festival gigs with Celtarabia was at the Rainbow Summer Camp in Gloucestershire, a lovely peaceful gathering, reminiscent of the free festivals of yore. Celtarabia starred at the festival’s grand Masked Ball, what a marvellous experience. Superb dancing throughout the night and a fantastic vibe made for a brilliant time. Special thanks to sound engineer Joe who showed me his lovely vintage fretless Fender Jazz Bass. It was so cool I played it for most of the set. Cheers Joe!

Rich’s galleries of photos show what a spectacular night it was, the first gallery of Celtarabia, and the second is the rest of the day:  

Preparations for the Masked Ball… 

Celtarabia at the Green Gathering were:

Quentin Budworth – Hurdy Gurdy
Amanda Lowe – Hammer Dulcimer
Rob Taylor – Drums
Lou Duffy-Howard – Bass

Richard Duffy-Howard – Photographs

Visit Celtarabia online 

Rainbow Summer Camp

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page



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