Loudhailer Gathering with Jackson D and Hombre

Loudhailer Gathering Three Band Night, last weekend featured Loudhailer Electric Company, Jackson D and Hombre at O’Rileys Live Music Venue, Hull. Great night, thanks to everyone who came along!

Thanks to Opher for these photos. Click and scroll on…  

And here are Rich’s photos of Jackson D and Hombre and a couple of us he took during Jeff’s Underneath the Underground solo. You may notice that there is a Grassroots banner on the stage. There may have been some time travelling going on. 

Cheers to Darren at O’Rileys for a great sound and lights and to Andy for another top Freetownway/Loudhailer music night for our #letscelebrate year of events.  

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

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