2019 IN MUSIC #1 Celtarabia

In 2019 Celtarabia played some incredible headline gigs at some real festivals with fabulous audiences over the summer; the Green Gathering in Wales, Rainbow Summer Camp in the New Forest, the Northern Green Gathering, as well as sell-out gigs at the the Beverley Fringe and Moon on the Water. The festivals were amazing grounding and uplifting experiences and as ever Celtarabia brought their high energy performance and everyone danced.

Here is a gallery of some of my favourite photographs. Click on an image in the gallery to get the picture and scroll on…

Celtarabia 2019:

Quentin Budworth – Hurdy Gurdy
Amanda Lowe – Hammer Dulcimer
Mark Chillington/Zebedee Budworth/Rob Taylor – Drums
Lou Duffy-Howard – Dub n Slide Bass

Zebedee Budworth – Hammer Dulcimer at Beverley Fringe

Richard Duffy-Howard – Great photographs
The Audience – Fab dancing
Everyone – Loadsa fun!

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