2019 in Music #2 Loudhailer Electric Company

We’ve had a great year aboard the LECo mothership. Highlights included: another BBC Introducing live set; the release of our second studio recording, Morpheus; A Perfect Combination 3; Withstock; a year full of #letscelebrate gigs with Freetownway; Music HQ at the Service Station and Springboard; A Midsummer Night’s Scream with Jackson D and Sleeperman and great shows with Nick Harper, Terra Fin, Work in Progress (including a very special gig in April), Do Not Panic, Simon Raywood, Hombre and The Yawpers.

They were caught on camera by Opher, Mike Hood and Sydpix and the exploits chronicled by the Sonic Architect.

Here’s the gallery of some of our favourite LECo shots from the gigs click  on an  image to get the full picture and scroll on. 2019 in Music #3 to follow…

Plenty more coming up in 2020, here’s what we’re working on so far …

LECo LIVE 2020

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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