2019 in Music #3

Looking back on the music highlights of the year there’s been some terrific gigs we’ve seen, played at, or helped to organise including a year full of #letscelebrate gigs with Freetownway. The year really kicked off with A Perfect Combination 3 for the Stephen Hughes Foundation at Kardomah 94: in the afternoon with Diggory Venn, Cassie Patton and Tom Steer, Emily River Thomson, Sarah Shiels, Mike Greaves and Andy Watson; Nathaniel, Harrison, Dan and Steve from Wolfreton School, Work in Progress, Zachary Theodorou with Angie and Pedro, DJ Doodlebugs and host Ted Key and in the evening with The Avenues, Snake Eye, The Brontes, Sleeperman, Nervous Twitch, Loudhailer Electric Company, Ched’s Bare Bones, Moscow for Pleasure, Rebel Sell, DJ Doodlebugs and host Burnsy. The year continued with top gigs from Steph Cameron & Twin Bandit; Corey with LCJC; Spy Genius, the Gold Needles & the Vida Cult; Dark Secrets; Work in Progress at Filey Folk Festival, Cottingham Springboard and Engage for Change with Monster Joe; the Auricula Suite at Burton Agnes Hall; Hallowed Ground at Holmbridge with Steen Machine, Zero & the No Nos, Georgina Hardcastle, Ichabod Wolf and Terra Fin; Catherine Scott with Late Night Marauders; Withstock including Richard Harries’ Petula Clark celebration; Chris Warkup’s Culture Train at Bridlington Priory with Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer, Pavey Ark, Jack Parker and Urban Rain; Two Pianos in Howden Shire Hall; Cavetown at the Brudenell; Sam Sweeney and the Unfinished Violin at the NCEM; Senora May and MG Greaves & The Lonesome Too; Arena; The Feelgood Band; Do Not Panic; Jackson D; Sleeperman; Simon Raywood; Katie Spencer at the Middleton Hall; Pat Fulgoni’s Blues Experience at Small Seeds for Love Music Hate Racism; The East Riding Youth Orchestra at Hull City Hall; Nick Harper and The Yawpers;

Here are some favourite photographs from some of those gigs. Click on an image in the gallery to see the full picture and scroll on…

Plenty more coming up in 2020, here’s what we’re working on so far …

LECo LIVE 2020

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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