Teenage Road Trip

Lou and Jules on the road, summer ’78

Teenage Road Trip, a month long, summer 1978. Me & Jules, we had a blast. Julie had just passed her driving test so we drove to Weston-Super-Mare in her Hillman Imp, Betty, left it at her aunty’s and set off hitching aiming for Cornwall. It took a month. We made it right down to Lands End, along the south coast, over to the Isle of Wight and eventually on to Brighton. The tent got washed away in a huge rainstorm somewhere in Devon where there were glow worms in the grass. We washed up the pots in a cafe and in return they dried our sleeping bags in the kitchen. But the tent was a goner, so we slept on the beach after that. We went to see Bob Dylan at Blackbushe along the way and got a lift somewhere in Led Zeppelin’s PA truck, although it didn’t have Led Zep’s gear in it at the time. Still.

I made a Spotify playlist of the trip, ah, Sweet Home Alabama

Here we are, at Stonehenge when you could just walk right up to the stones, and on the beach on the Isle of Wight after the tent was washed away.

Bob Dylan
Me & Julie went to Blackbushe

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