Bodie is the closing track from NEXUS, our collection of lockdown songs. Have a listen and see the beautiful views across Bodie in the video …

Our song is inspired by the town of Bodie, California, east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Bodie became a boom town in 1876 after the discovery of a profitable line of gold. By 1879 it had a population of up to 10,000 and over 2,000 buildings, but by 1915 it was described as a ghost town. It’s still there, frozen in time.

Recorded in our home studio between March and July 2020, listen or download from  Bandcamp on 11th July 2020 and all the usual digital outlets from the 17th of August. Loudhailer Electric Co. are Lou Duffy-Howard vocals & bass, Richard Duffy-Howard acoustic guitars, Jeff Parsons lead guitars and Rich Walker drums. Nexus features Lou, Richard, and Jeff with Dexter Duffy-Howard guesting on violin. Composed and recorded by Lou. Bodie photographs by Anonymous used with permission and thanks.

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

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