Dreamscape Live

We were thrilled to unveil our new Loudhailer Electric Company show on SLS’s live stream channel last Friday night.  We’ve missed live music so much but SLS provided a superb studio stage, sound and light show for us to showcase the fascinating art of GE Saunt to our live soundtrack. We played a set of favourite tracks from our back catalogue to open the show. Thank you to everyone who tuned in on the night and danced along in the living room!

The show is still available to watch, click on the photo below:

Dreamscape (When I get Home) with G E Saunt photos by Sydpix

Loudhailer Electric Company: Dreamscape (When I get Home) with GE Saunt, streamed live from the HPSS SLS Sound Light Stage studios 21.08.2020 stills by Sydpix. Watch on demand click here: https://www.soundlightstage.com/loudhailer/

“The artworks of G E Saunt could almost be photographic but they are paintings. Familiar yet strange they incorporate the historic and the contemporary, the real and the surreal. Our music tells a story to accompany the images. Imagine you’ve been away, you come back to Hull, step off the train and look around. Everything is slightly different than you remember it. Surely the City Hall isn’t opposite the station? Has that shark escaped from The Deep? And was that Elvis walking past the Tower? Is it a dream, or is it real?”

Scroll through the galleries and find out …

The rest of the set by Sydpix

Light and Soundcheck by Rich

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

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