Angel From Montgomery

This song has been going round in my head for days, weeks even. I remember being moved by John Prine’s evocative and nostalgic songs as a child, and was sad when he died of Covid-19 last year. He tells the story of how he imagined the protagonist, a woman of 46, standing at the sink doing the washing up and feeling much older, wondering what has happened in her life.

Dexter and I made this gentle recording.

Angel of Montgomery …

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

5 thoughts on “Angel From Montgomery

  1. Hi Lou and Dexter, What a magnificent recording of Angel From Montgomery! It is so sensitively arranged and performed and the intricate overlays of guitar and violin, supported by the bass riffs, beautifully describe the abject loneliness of the lyrics. This is by far the best interpretation of this song that I’ve heard and Ive heard a lot. I just love the interweaving of the guitar and violin parts, they are like musical tears and repetitive heart rain across a cold, broken landscape. The combination of your plaintiff vocal/ harmonies and Dexter’s inventive and cleverly interlaced melodies make for an emotional and wistful performance…please record it. Stunningly heartrending, I just love it so let’s have more!! As ever, Giffordxx >

  2. Hi Lou,

    thank you so much for this. It’s one of my favourite John Print songs and this is an absolutely beautiful version!! I tried it once, didn’t come close!! Dexter adds magic to it, I hope you record it . Absolutely stunning!! xxx


  3. Ps that should say Prine, one day I’ll find out how to switch off predictive text!!🤣

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Thank you very much Gifford, that it really very much appreciated. There are some versions with really full on vocals, but I thought this suited the meaning of the song. I’m very pleased you like it and your comments are really lovely. XX


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