We are delighted to be hosting our stage at Filey Folk Festival again this year – at Filey Masonic Hall, 27 Rutland Street, YO14 9JA – on Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th (the early May bank holiday weekend). There will be two afternoons of music opening at lunchtime (£3 on the door each day) and two evening events.


Our headliner on Saturday night is the superb singer songwriter guitarist Nick Harper plus support from Loudhailer Electric Company (unplugged). Tickets for the evening concert are £12 plus booking fee.

loudharper-at-filey-17“Nick Harper is a force of nature… the sheer weight of ideas in his music makes him irresistible and unstoppable… Harper the performer is a fearsome weapon.” Southern Reporter.

“If you’ve never seen Nick live, you’re missing out on one of the musical phenomenon of our age.” Glasgow Herald

Loudhailer Seaside Special Afternoons at Filey Folk Festival – two afternoons full of superb bands and performers that you can’t see anywhere else at the festival.

Saturday 29th April 2017 at The Masonic Hall

  • 12.00 noon –  Doors 0pen
  • 1.00 Work in Progress open the show  – it’s hard to keep still from the moment they hit the groove right through their feel good set of original and traditional foot stomping bluegrass and up tempo country songs.
  • 2.00 pm Gifford Rolfe, Roy Kibbler and Joan Foye – superb northern England songs with a touch of Americana from Gifford and Joan segue into Roy’s astute word-smithery, a mix of fun, politics and observations of life. A whole show within the show.
  • 3.00 pm Jim Orwin – superbly crafted songs of life in Hull, from the Boulevard Boys to Gypsyville Girls – classic songwriting at its very best.
  • 4. 00 pm Aviatrix – a new collaboration of women perform Amanda Lowe’s Amy Johnson Song Cycle – lush vocal harmonies, autoharp, violin, guitars, mandolin and bass.
  • 5.00 pm Close for tea
  • 7.00 pm Doors open for Nick Harper “One of the finest guitarists of his generation, his soaring vocal range and propensity for epic song place him somewhere between Rufus Wainright and Jeff Buckley. “Mojo. Plus support from Loudhailer Electric Company (unplugged) “Cutting edge, psychedelic folk music of the highest quality.” Alan Raw, with Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

Sunday 30th April 2017

  • 1.00 pm Doors Open
  • 2.00 pm Dez Allenby, Cathy Allenby, Phil Friend, Martin Peirson and Adrian Welham – comprising two original members of the legendary English psychedelic folk trio Forest in session with Phil and Martin, two excellent Yorkshire songwriters. Watch out for interesting songs, striking harmonies and unusual instrumentation
  • 3.00 pm Beggars Bridge  ”This is a band of musicians experienced enough to know when to leave spaces for one another. Nothing’s crowded, and everything meshes together perfectly. Very impressive.” R2 magazine 
  • 4.00 pm Hillbilly Troupe  Trad. Folk, irish, ska and punk with a strong sense of history and tradition, get you dancing, thinking and drinking all at the same time.
  • 5.00 pm Close for tea
  • 7.00 pm Doors open for  a special evening with The Roundtable Collective
  • 10.30 Close

There will be a small cover charge for each afternoon – £3 on the door – which includes a free festival programme. Bring your friends and family and hang out for the afternoon. You can bring a picnic (but no need to bring alcohol, there is a bar there). On Sunday afternoon there will be an art exhibition in the bar. ‘Art Project’ will be hosted by Shirley Higton, featuring a selection of artwork, photography and poetry.

Visit Nick Harper’s Website

Sunday Evening we welcome an intimate evening with Roundtable Collective…
In the spirit of sharing, collaboration and encouragement, Roundtable Collective brings together art, poetry, literature, music & culture to create a vast creative community. We will be recording the entire performance for future release and hope to make it available to all attendees for free.
Host for the evening is Yorkshire’s own wordsmith, Bari Razzaki of the Peanut Butter Variety Hour 
Featuring heart warming performances from…
Cameron Niven
Founder of London smooth folk kings, Edgar Wallace Exchange his timeless voice and style transport one back to when. Discover
Tobias Panton (London)
Almost a Filey veteran, Tobias’ reputation precedes him. Discover
Kai-ya (London)
First trip to Filey for Kai-Ya, but we have a feeling it won’t be the last time she plays for the fine folks up north.Discover 
Copper Viper (London)
A fresh, bluegrass inspired 3 piece spearheaded by the prolific Robin Joel Sangster (a Filey regular) and featuring the screaming fiddle of Duncan Menzies Discover
Léscines (London)
“It’s up to you if you need a box, or if you even choose to have a box. Léscines is a music collective headed by the enigmatic Jay Fraser, whose vocals remind me of Jethro Tull – classic 70s gutteral vocals (anybody else hear it?), has many facets.” – Phoenix Session  Discover
Crooked Weather (Hull)
“They are indie meets World music meets traditional British folk. Think a contemporary Incredible String Band with a 21st century mindset.” – Sid Griffin Discover

Visit Filey Folk Festival Website

Look forward to seeing you there! Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

Loudhailer Electric Company Live


Going Down – Saturday February 20th 2016: Psychedelic gathering with the Loudhailer Electric Company – featuring members of seminal cult bands Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine and The Planet Wilson. Plus underground acid folk with Dez Allenby of the legendary 70’s English folk acid trio, ‘Forest’, playing original Forest songs. Prepare to have your mind blown by L.A.D Events Limited’s full room psychedelic light show.

Doors 8.00 pm Tickets available now, £8 from us, or the venue, Kardomah94, Alfred Gelder St, Hull, tel 01482 317941
LECo Website  https://loudhailer.net/lec/
“Imagine The Doors meet Siouxsie and the Banshees via Patty Smith…”


Going Down – December 10th 2015: The mighty spaceship Loudhailer Electric Company docked at the space station Adelphi on Thursday 10 December, where Admiral Paul Jackson authorised us to unleash our goodvibe guns and euphoria torpedoes! Thanks to everyone who came with us as we went boldly forth into the cosmic ether. It was a blast!


Loudhailer Electric Company 10.12.15

Rich Duffy-Howard – Spoken Word, Death Defying Acoustic Guitar & Bass.

Jeff Parsons – Groovetastic Guitars, Electrifying Licks and Kaleidoscopic Shirts.

Lou Duffy-Howard – Psychedelic Singing, Mind Expanding Bass & Acoustic Guitar

Rich Walker – Drums and Colossal Fills Specialist.

Chris Heron – Maestro of the Violin Loop Station.

Thanks to Opher for taking the photographs, and Rich in the lightroom. Click on an image to get the full psychedelic picture and scroll on man…

LECo 10.12.15.
Freak Out with the Loudhailer Electric Company!

LECo at Hull Folk Festival

Photo by Mark Kay

Loudhailer Electric Co ripped it up at Hull Folk Festival last night, we had a blast! Rich and I were joined by our fabulous LECo bandmates, Jeff Parsons on psychedelic guitar, and Rich Walker on drums.Thanks to Mark Pollard at the Hull Folk team, a top sound from Alex at ITSL, a great audience and to Jim Orwin who took the photos in the gallery below and to Mark Kay who took the one above. Click and scroll to see the full picture.

What a perfect weekend for the festival. We bumped into lots of friends around the marina and fruit market and spent the afternoon catching music and spoken word sets. Cowboy DC’s Work in Progress was a storming start at the Green Bricks. Fabulous feelgood bluegrass, followed by an afternoon of Hull’s first floating poetry marathon on the Amy Howson.

Have a look through Rich’s gallery of photos from the afternoon…

In the Club!

Lou StingrayI am delighted to be in the club – The Tuesday Club that is!

Back in the day when I was in The Planet Wilson we played at The Flag in Wembley. We always had a top night thanks to Roger Millington on the desk. Well, the very same Rogerio Marauder is now keyboard player extraordinaire with the fabulous punky glamour band The Tuesday Club. We crossed paths once again when the Loudhailer Electric Company opened up for them at their new EP launch at Hull’s New Adelphi Club. It was a brilliant night out and the hottest gig I’ve played for some time in all senses of the word. Everyone played and danced their their socks off.

Following the gig I was invited to join the club, how cool! So, we had a virtual interview, and I enjoyed answering these questions as my rite of passage. Click to read the whole magazine, or the transcript below.

Tuesday Club: OK firstly, we’re sitting in The Cyber (the pub on the Internet) doing this… and it’s our round. What’ll it be?

Lou: Please can I have a cup of tea?

What was the last thing you heard/watched that was so good you just had to tell someone about it?

The amazing maestro of the viola da gamba, Catalonian musician and musical archaeologist, Jordi Savall. He has made over 230 albums, some wonderful collaborations and music for world peace projects. We all love his music in our family, and have been lucky enough to see him play a number of times.

There used to be badges and compilation albums proclaiming ‘Punk’s Not Dead’…but what do you think its current mortal state is?

Punk is alive and kicking here in Hull. I’ve just been running song and lyric writing workshops alongside Hip Hop emcee and songwriter Redeye Feenix at The Warren Young People’s Centre where punk is happening for sure. There are some fantastic young punk bands playing, recording and gigging round here.

How good is technology?

As good…or bad… as the person whose hands it’s in.

Is the Internet help or a hindrance to…new bands and established acts

The Internet is brilliant and has had a huge impact on our access to information, networking, and all things creative. You can hear and see so much fantastic music at the touch of a button, you can find out about just about anything, and there are lots of platforms you can use to create a showcase for your work.

If you could be any character in any film, what film… and who would it be?

I imagine myself as various characters when I write songs. Rich & I are writing a cow punk set right now and this week I have been absorbed in the wild west, so maybe William Blake (Johnny Depp) in Jim Jarmusch’s brilliant psychedelic western, Dead Man.  We’ve got a set of literary and film inspired songs too, so I have been Lucia Atherton (Charlotte Rampling) in The Nightporter and Jane Henderson (Nastassja Kinski) in Paris Texas.  I’ve been historical characters too, a version of Valentine de Saint-Bris in Meyerbeer’s opera Les Huguenot and the woman in Millais’ pre-Raphaelite painting of the same name for our album The Auricula Suite. Last month I was Joan of Arc. We have a science fiction set too, and I love being Borg dudess Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, and of course, the first Federation captain to successfully traverse the Delta Quadrant, the unstoppable Captain Kathryn Janeway.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

I always have a good laugh with my daughter and three sons when we are all together. My daughter has an especially good sense of humour and laughs a lot too.

You are now In The Club (The Tuesday Club, that is)… but what club do you actually wish it was?

Thank you that’s an honour.  The Loudhailer Electric Co. are friends of the fabulous Tuesday Club, and what a top night we all had at Hull Adelphi last month. That night was certainly a club of showmen and women – vivid colourful characters, musicians and performers who have a great time on stage…as well as spirited and unusual dancing in the audience.

Who’d be in your fantasy rock’n’ roll band. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, keys…

Prince lead guitar, Joan Jett rhythm guitar, Fernando Saunders bass, Mo Tucker drums, Grace Slick vocals, Nick Cave keys, lyrics Lou Reed, composer Neil Young.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any year in music, when would it be and why?

I’d go back to the music of 15th century Spain, North Africa, Armenia and the Balkans, to experience some of the original music that I love to listen to.

Who are your top 2 rock Stars of all time 1) man 1) woman

Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry

Where’s the best place to find your current musical endeavours on the Internet and what are you up to right now?

Rich & I are Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer, we write and play acoustically and also have a full psychedelic band, The Loudhailer Electric Co. We host monthly Loudhailer Acoustic Musicians’ Nights and have various music projects on the go most notably The Auricula Suite, My Ancestors were French and our newest venture, in the lead up to Hull, City of Culture 2017 – HullSongs. Start on our website and click around to find out more.

What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

Are you sure you don’t want a glass of red?

Thanks to Roger and the glamour punk extravaganza that is… The Tuesday Club!

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

Psychedelia, Electronica, Theatrica, Anarchia!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Loudhailer Electric Co Christmas Show. We thoroughly enjoyed playing our psychedelic set and we had great fun watching Anarchist Rob’s Hanky Panky Antics and 4ourth4loor chill out electronica album films.


Keep on keepin’ on in 2015, from The Loudhailer Electric Company!

Thanks to Opher for the Loudhailer Electric Company photos, just click and scroll on…

Here’s Rich’s photos of the amazing Anarchist Rob Eunson’s Anarchy Hanky Panky Show featuring Right on Cue’s Bob Swan and Ale Hall … click and scroll to see them all…


C’mon a trip with the Loudhailer Electric Co.

You are the night, heron I am…


“Ok, imagine a lake – very still, clear as glass, no ripples.  Little fires burn all around the lake… and as night falls the full harvest moon rises into the September sky.  Wood smoke drifts up to the stars…

On the lake, a boat, and on the boat, a huge paper heron, a lantern all lit up with electric light. And from the boat the sound of the gamelan – the saron – fades into the distance as the boat is rowed towards the far shore.

We watch this, looking down through the trees… and we see… the Night Heron…

You are the night, heron I am… over the silver moonbeam plated lake our eyes swam southwest to find the full moon. And I still believe we can moor our boat to the farthest shore – listen to our hearts and the gamelan, pure and right inside us…

You are the night, heron I am… and even if there is a stone’s throw between us south and north still still together alone, entwined and like and being, our sweetest dna flowing between us around and through… you’re coming with me I’m coming with you…”

© R & L Duffy-Howard

Two trips with the Loudhailer Electric Co.

Loudhailer Electric Co. had a blast at The New Adelphi Club last week. Thanks to the crew there, especially fab lightshow. Great performance from our spoken wordsmith compere Anarchist Rob (special shout out to The Fame Game, Walking with Kerouac and 70s Men) and a fabulous show from south delta slide blues guitarist Soft Shoe Sam. A top night all round.
LEC Adelphi
Here we are, the Loudhailer Electric Company, at last week’s psychedelic interstellar trip. We had a blast. My favourite post gig comments were…
“I LOVED THE SET TO BITS…The feel was perfect.The staging had two faults 1) The smoke needed to be generated by joints, not a machine.
2) To be truly authentic you needed two cool looking girls playing snakes and ladders in front of the stage”  lol, ace.  
“Really enjoyed this gig a lot..Imagine The Doors meet Siouxsie and the Banshees via Patty Smith…” Rob Eunson
band photo
We had some groovtastic antics at Hull Folk Festival last month too. Here we are just after our set on the main stage, great fun – Jeff Parsons, Rich Duffy-Howard, Rich Walker, Amanda Lowe and Lou Duffy-Howard.


We only do one cover – as a psychedelic marker in the sand.Turn on and tune in…and if you go chasing rabbits…make sure it’s a White Rabbit

Thanks to Opher for the great photos…

Groovy Loudhailer Electric Co. Photos

We really did have a blast at Hull’s New Adelphi Club last week at the inaugural flight of the starship Loudhailer Electric Company. We headed into orbit with some groovy Psychedelic Folk and a smattering of funky dancing.

Click on an image to see the full picture and scroll on man…


Watch the film – 2 minutes of psychedelic antics, electrifying licks and some funky dancing. Keep on …Underneath the Underground!

Loudhailer Electric Co. are:
Jeff Parsons – Groovtastic Guitars, Electrifying Licks and Kaleidoscopic Shirts.
Louise Duffy-Howard – Psychedelic Singing, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Big 6 Folk Harmonica.
Richard Duffy-Howard –  Spoken Word Poetry, Reverberating Electric Guitar, Death Defying Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Big 6 Blues Harp and Shaky Egg.
Rich Walker – Electronic Drums and colossal fills
Amanda Lowe – Flaming Fiddle

Thanks to Edina Molnar for her enchanting opening set and to Paul, Jim, Chris, Wendy and all at the Adelphi and to all who came to join us in our quest! Special thanks to Opher for taking some most groovy photos and for filming the gig.

Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard 2014 Visit our website