Midsummer Night’s Scream Review by Arthur Whelan

Midsummer Night’s Scream – Loudhailer Electric Company, Sleeperman and Jackson D at Kardomah94, Hull. 21 June 2019 review by Arthur Whelan On a warm and very humid Friday night I passed through the doors into the darkness of this cosy little venue for the first time, and the atmosphere hit me. There was a sense that … Continue reading Midsummer Night’s Scream Review by Arthur Whelan

My Words Our Songs

My Words Our Songs is the first Hull Women's Music Network project - and it's brilliant. Led by Ysabelle Wombwell and Warren Records, it started with two creative writing workshops which Christina Lewis and I led together for a fabulous group of young women - who astounded us with their superb writing. Here are some of them … Continue reading My Words Our Songs